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Hello! My name is Stacie Grissom and I am a 25-year-old DIY fashion and craft blogger living and working in New York City. During the day I work at BarkBox where I write the BarkPost and play with our office pups, but at night I'm an HTML putterer and crafting addict. Previously, I worked for an awesome scarf store where I took photos and made graphics on how to tie a scarf.

My goal with this blog is to grow as a crafter, a photographer, a design dabbler... and hopefully help some others along the way. :) If you want to work with me on anything from writing, to photography, to crafting and blogging, just shoot me an email!


Other Places to Find Me on the Web:

-DIY Scarf Camera Strap on Photojojo
-My DIY Fashion Column on The Fashion Spot
-Everything scarves on the Scarves Dot Net blog.

Find me on Pinterest, Twitter, WeHeartIt, and Tumblr.


Alyssa - Live, Love, Craft said...

haha love it! :)

Tine said...

I love your blog! One of my favorites already and I just found it! :)

Unknown said...

I love your blog too! You're so awesome :)

Dittemusen said...

Hi Stacie!

Sorry, I was so happy about the finding of your fantastic site. That I've made a little teaser for my little reader scare on my blog to your site.

I hope it is all right. Or else, I will remove it.

Thank you for the fantastic projects and DIY's.

//Ditte from Denmark

bexcollingridge said...

you've saved my hair's life!

bexcollingridge said...

you've saved my hair's life!

Angry Blue-green Bee said...

Hmmm... you inspire me to let go of all these boring statutes and fat law books and tat and crochet and paint instead!
Found your blog today. Glad I did :)

Debi said...

Hi Stacie.
Love your site and talent! Could you hook me up with the place to find "bendy" forks? I tried one and really had fun but like a lot of crafters the ones I had were hard to work with.
Thanks soooooooo much:)

Stacie Grissom said...

Hi Debi!

Thank you so much! And I left another comment on the other post you commented on, but these are the forks I used:


You can also find sterling silver forks in thrift/antique shops and they are easy to bend as well.



Carly said...

Stacie, don't be alarmed, but I think we are BFFs without even knowing it. HOLY CRAP YOUR BLOG IS AWESOME! CraftGawker keeps sending me here, and I am never disappointed. Your crafts are creative, fun, simple to understand, way less girly than most of the crap on there, and also AWESOME. You are my new hero. <3

Stacie Grissom said...

Hahahah! Thank you Carly! That is so incredibly sweet of you!! :D Craftgawker is seriously one of my favorite sites EVER.

Mackenzie Conner said...

you are my new favorite blog! i'm a college student also in indiana, and you are such an inspiration to me :)

Admin said...

Hi!I literally love your blog!All the DIY are super cute and i have made quite a few of them!Thank you!
I mentioned you and featured one of your DIYs in my blog http://theotherside-bg.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/crafty-thursday.html
I wish you all the best!

Corey Gowing said...

love your blog!

Stacie Grissom said...

Thank you guys!!!

Jovana Didic said...

<3 I love ya, you are definitely the most creative person I know :) greetings from Serbia

Stacie Grissom said...

Thank you Jovana! :D

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