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DIY DIY fashion sewing

DIY Two-Tone Pants

The other day I was sitting on the train going to work and I had a flash of sewing genius. I’ve made a two-tone sweater by cutting apart two cardigans and stitching them back together, but why haven’t I done this with pants? So…

March 18, 2013
DIY DIY fashion sewing

DIY No-Sew Peplum Shirt

Pop on over to The Fashion Spot to see a tutorial I just wrote on how to make a no-sew peplum shirt using Aleene’s “OK to Wash It” sewing glue. (You can also find the tutorial for my Kate Spade-inspired owl purse here.) 😉…

June 2, 2012
DIY fashion sewing

How to Make a Fendi-Inspired Flower Dress

*This is another project from a couple summers ago where I never posted the entire tutorial on my blog. When I was in high school and middle school, I sometimes thought to myself that I was born in the wrong generation. I would sit…

May 14, 2012
DIY DIY fashion sewing

DIY: T-Shirt Flower Dress

Technically this isn’t a new DIY since this dress was one of the first things that I ever posted on this little blog when my Nikon and I were just getting to know each other, (;)) but I never put up the entire tutorial!…

April 5, 2012
DIY DIY fashion sewing

How to Make a Shirt Smaller

When you buy most of your wardrobe off the clearance rack and from thrift stores, odds are that most of the stuff is not going to be in your size. ie: GiNoRmous trousers and teeny tops. 🙂 While I haven’t figured out a way…

March 22, 2012
DIY DIY fashion sewing

DIY: How to Make a Scarf Shirt

This scarf shirt was actually one of my first projects I made when I started my blog almost three years ago. (HoLy CoW, has it been that long??) During my first blogging summer, I checked out this book on 99 Ways to Cut, Sew,…

March 19, 2012
DIY DIY fashion sewing

DIY Chevron Dress: My Burdastyle Sewing Project #1

I’ll be honest– even though I love to sew, I haven’t sewn anything from a pattern since I was 12. Seriously, 12. Sure I’ve sewn dresses, flower dresses, fixed up formal dresses— but patterns aren’t really my thing. There’s something about perfect organization that…

February 8, 2012
DIY DIY fashion sewing

DIY Two-Tone Cardigan

I saw this two-tone cardigan over on The Clothes Horse a few months back and I just had to make one for myself. The split colors remind me of something a court jester would wear.:) (I’m also wearing my DIY Anthropologie-inspired scarf flats in…

January 30, 2012