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Film Photography Polaroid

Film Photos: Icy Mornings

While we’re supposed to be getting snow and ice and bitter mornings up here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s been quite mild this year. I found a few photos of my shivery-est winter days when I was home for Christmas and wanted to share.…

January 12, 2013
film photography diana camera vintage plastic toy camera
Film Photography

Double Exposure from my Diana Cam

A little photo I took on my Diana camera last fall. I took this/these photos on my way to work because I wanted to use up a roll of film before I got it developed. I took a photo of the road on my…

October 12, 2012
Film Photography Holga Indiana

Holga Post: An Indiana Summer

Even though it’s been about a bazillion degrees here in Indiana this summer, I’ve found myself enjoying this season a lot more than I usually do. (And my car doesn’t have air conditioning!) These Holga photos are from two summers ago and I recently…

July 26, 2012