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how to make a necklace from a rock
DIY DIY Jewelry

How to Make a Necklace Pendant from a Rock

Over the past year I’ve been making quite a few rock necklaces. There’s one I made from the Virgin Islands, two from Montauk, one from Las Vegas, one I photographed at Stonehenge, and one from my trip around the UK and Ireland. (For the…

September 25, 2014
Crafts DIY Mod Podge

DIY Wood Grain Glitter Pot

Ever since I figured out that it is very difficult to kill cacti and succulents, I’ve been filling the apartment with them. So when Amy from Mod Podge Rocks came out with these new Mod Podge Peel and Stick Stencils and asked if anyone…

April 24, 2014
DIY DIY Home DIY home lighting

DIY Pendant Lights (With Barn Pulleys)

Recently we counted how many holes we’ve poked in our apartment ceiling to hang lights. The answer’s 9. NINE. And eight of those ceiling holes are holding barn pulleys. While it might be time to slow down on the hanging light fixtures, I learned…

February 27, 2014

DIY Jadeite and Vintage Glass Using Mod Podge Sheer Colors

I love depression glass and jadeite– but it’s really difficult to find a good deal on the stuff. Back when depression glass and jadeite were being produced, you could find the pieces in hardware stores or five-and-dimes as an incentive to buy a bag…

January 29, 2014