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DIY Spiked Ballet Flats

These glitter flats– I love em. I rarely buy duplicates of anything, but these flats are so comfortable and versatile that I’ve gone through a few pairs. I wanted to find a way to spruce them up a bit and make them more unique,…

July 3, 2013
DIY DIY fashion DIY shoes

DIY Shoelaces

I love details– almost too much sometimes. (In high school I might’ve been accused of over-accessorizing on more than one occasion.) 😀 I just don’t see the problem with a look made of glitter sunglasses, dangly earrings, an “S” necklace, and a hair flower.…

February 22, 2012
DIY DIY fashion DIY shoes

14 Ways to Revamp Your Shoes

Click on the squares above to find the project’s original source. Out of all the DIY fashion projects I’ve made, upcycling shoes has always been a go-to project for me. I never really realized how many pairs I’ve glued, decoupaged, beaded, stitched, or painted…

January 31, 2012
DIY fashion DIY shoes

DIY Roundup: 6 Crafty Shoe Projects

It’s no secret that I have a thing for DIY shoes. With birds on them. Or buttons. Or zipper flowers. I believe there is a dignity in de feet. (Sorry. I had to.) Even my feet– with the stubby toes and general wideness that…

October 13, 2011
DIY DIY fashion DIY shoes

DIY Collage Shoes

— Wilco (Summer Teeth) I got these shoes at a thrift store and then decorated them with some cutouts from magazines and brochures from places I’ve been. Abraham Lincoln silhouette on the right shoe and a picture of Indiana on the left. Honest Abe…

July 16, 2009