Thursday, November 1, 2012

How to Make a Curly Fork Bracelet

How to Make a Curly Fork Bracelet

If it isn't obvious on this blog by now, I am a huge fan of remaking, rethinking, and repurposing things from everyday life to fit in my craft projects. I've used socks in hairstyles, zippers for headbands, suitcases for tables, vinyl records for purses, scarves for shirts, and many, many more. The fork bracelets are one of my favorite projects because I can make them anywhere and then give them away as gifts all the time. :)

What You Need:

-A cheap fork And by cheap, I mean cheap, cheap, cheap. I first used the forks that I found in my school cafeteria before I started buying them online in bulk. I've tried using forks I bought at the dollar store, but unfortunately they forks online in bulk. It is difficult to bend the other forks with pliers. :)
-A Wrench
-Jewelry pliers

How to Make a Curly Fork Bracelet:

How to Make a Curly Fork Bracelet

And now a bit of a favor...

Ok, so I have a tiny of a favor to ask. I am trying to win a ticket to go to Alt Summit, a blogging conference in Salt Lake City. I've been a HUGE fan of Alt Summit for a while, so many bloggers and incredible people have been talking about the things they've learned at this conference. I've also posted this project over on Kollabora, a really cool spot to find tutorials and DIY ideas. :) The person with the most pins on their project wins A CHANCE TO GO TO ALT SUMMIT. (jaskl;jaskl;!~!!djkdj!!!!) :D :D If it's no trouble, I'd be forever web-indebted to anyone who can help.

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PS-- Thanks to Sarah who told me about the whole thing! :)

How to Make a Curly Fork Bracelet

If you have any trouble, I also made a different tutorial for a fork bracelet in this post.
Fork Bracelet

And if you still have any trouble with the bracelet, I've also got them for sale in my Etsy shop for $10. :)

How to Make a Curly Fork Bracelet
Good luck! From experience, don't make too many of these in consecutive order, you'll have some sore hands. ;)


  1. pinned it :) been looking for a good tutorial for this. thanks!

  2. Thank you so, so so much!!!! <3

  3. Hi Stacie, just read about the competition, it says "One winner will be dubbed the Most Pin Worthy and will win based on the number of total re-pins with the caption Kollabora Alt Summit Challenge" I don't know how important the caption is, but it might be worth making sure people are using it. Best of luck with the competition! Hope you win xx

  4. Hey Elizabeth! THANK YOU so, so, so much!! I just changed the caption-- I did n't read that section, (obviously). Yikes! If you want to email me at staciegrissom(at), I'll send you a bracelet if you want one! I really, really appreciate your help! :D

  5. this is a very good idea what is beautiful thank you for the tutorial

  6. This s a great idea! Thank you for sharing it:-D I'm looking forward to try it!


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