Monday, September 10, 2012

Thanks x1000 to and Cliché Mag

Recently I've had the huge/humbling/awesome honor of being interviewed for a couple of really cool publications-- and Cliché Mag. They were just so kind and gracious to take the time to chat with me, I just had to share on here. :)
Cliche Sept 2012 Crafty Cosmic Spread2

Cliche Sept 2012 Crafty Cosmic Spread3

Cliche September 2012 Cover

You can see/buy the Cliché Mag here. :)

You can see the interview here-- although if you don't speak French, you might have to have that Google Translate ready. ;)

Thank you so, so sososososososo much to both publications! It truly means so much and makes my mom think I'm way cooler than I am. Ha.

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