Sunday, September 9, 2012

Project 365: Week 36

This post is part of my Project 365 where I am taking one photo every day for a year. Click here to see all of my photos in the series-- and if you want to join, feel free to do so anytime! :) (All photos taken with a Nikon D7000.)

Project 365
244/365: 8-31-12 We are so funny. ;)

Project 365
245/365: 9-1-12 Trip to Coney Island. :)

Project 365
246/365: 9-2-12 These little boxes are from For the Makers-- a subscription box for crafters. My coworkers actually told me about these boxes and somehow they had some leftovers and they very generously gave them to me. (Seriously happy, happy day!) :) :) :) I've already been crafting/gifting some of the items inside and I am really excited to post about them.

Project 365
247/365: 9-3-12 Thai fooodddd. :)

Project 365
248/365: 9-4-12 Making one of the necklaces from the For The Makers box. :)

Project 365
249/365: 9-5-12 Quinoa, sweet potatoes, and chicken with peppers.

Project 365
250/365: 9-6-12 Fashion's Night Out in SoHo. This was pretty cool just to see it once, but the streets were so crowded that I don't think I'll ever go again. Plus-- even if you RSVP'd to parties and to get into stores, it didn't necessarily mean you were allowed in. Meh.

Also, there was this:
Project 365
Those were not mannequins. Haha. :)

For more photography tips, see this post on digital photography tips for beginners. You can also check out the rest of my photos from the year for my Project 365!

If you want, you can always join the project!

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