Thursday, September 13, 2012

DIY Painted Geometric Dresser

Ok, so remember in one of my earlier posts about painting a filing cabinet I talked about this wonderful furniture graveyard at my old work in Indiana? In that same furniture scavenge, I also found an old (heavy) office cabinet. I thought it might make a nice dresser with some little drawers for the New York apartment. :)

Headboard-16 Headboard-17
The dresser/cabinet with the beginning of my Instax collection on the door. :)

This is what the cabinet looked like before:
My dad helped me add a little base at the bottom so that the doors wouldn't brush on the ground every time you openend them. I think this cabinet was hanging on the wall in one of the bank offices originally-- and now it's got a new life holding clothes.

Here's my dad painting some furniture. Heh. The table and chairs are my sister's, so he just painted the cabinet while he was painting her stuff. :) Those paint sprayers like the one my dad is using are INCREDIBLE.

DIY Geometric Dresser
And here's what the cabinet looked like in my room of the apartment all white and sterile-looking. At this point I was totally regretting the paint job because it looks like a hospital cabinet or something. But then I saw this print on A Beautiful Mess and I knew that I had to try something on the dresser. :)

You need:
DIY Geometric Dresser
A sponge cut in an equilateral triangle, paint, a plate, and of course, the trusty, trusty Mod Podge. #AmIrightAmy? ;) I used the matte kind.

Optional for this project-- a very kind boyfriend who helps you fill in the hundreds of triangles. Ha ha ha.

DIY Geometric Dresser
While this project is not very difficult, it is a bit on the tedious/time-consuming side. The first thing that I did to the dresser was stamp all of the triangles on the dresser as a template. Then Sean and I filled in all of the triangles with black paint. I contemplated using a potato as a stamp because there wouldn't be as many holes to fill in, but I'm glad that I used a sponge in the end because I didn't have to refill on paint as much.

Also-- Sean had never heard of a potato stamp. What person who grew up going to school in the United States of America doing finger paintings and art projects has never heard of a potato stamp?? :)

After you fill in all of the triangles, add a layer of Mod Podge on top so that your dresser is sealed. I've said it before and I'll say it a million times again, Mod Podge is the most incredible stuff for finishing projects!

A closeup of the print. Not perfect, but still a lot better than the white cabinet.


Some of my necklaces-- including a few from the Styled by Tori Spelling post I did a while back. :)

Nothing makes a room more cheerful than some Christmas lights and pennant banners. :)



Headboard-9 Headboard-4


And we've definitely got a black and white + color theme going on in the apartment. Kind of feels like my wardrobe, now that I think of it. :)


Molly B. said...

I absolutely LOVE THIS DRESSER! What a good guy Sean is for helping paint it :) Your place is amazing, Stacieebles!

Lydia said...

Very pretty!

Sylvia said...

I'm impressed!! Looks stunning and so cool. I'm saving this in favorites ;)

mastura said...

Waaah.. nice idea, adore it...!

Dagny Stefansdottir said...

Looks lovely! Love everything geometric :)

Craftbaby said...

I'm loving this dresser! You should enter your photos from this project into Craftbaby's Geometric Art Challenge :)


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StacieStacieStacie said...

Hi Elaina!! Yes of course you can totally use any photo from this blog post! My email is if you ever need something else! <3

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