Thursday, August 30, 2012

DIY Painted Filing Cabinet (For the Kitchen!)

So you know all those things that people say about living in New York? (Lack of space, expensive rent, smelly sidewalks, crazy people aggressively air-drumming on the street without any headphones?) All true. Especially the lack of space thing. :) About a month ago when I was still in Indiana, I started working on this little filing cabinet for our little kitchen in preparation of the tight quarters and I'm so happy with the result.

My roommate, Adele, making breakfast in our kitchen before work. :) PS-- We need some wall art. That's this weekend's project.

I actually got this filing cabinet from my old work-- we had just moved to a new building and there was a ton of leftover furniture from the bank that was there before. After some scavenging in the enormous room full of furniture called "The Graveyard," I found this beauty. (PS-- Thank you Randy and Angie!) ♥

Filing Cabinet DIY
Hubba hubba beautiful piece of furniture-- I know. ;) The only things you need to paint a filing cabinet are some sandpaper and spray paint. (Maybe a bit of newspaper as well... Protecting the floor-- always good.) I sanded the filing cabinet a little bit to scuff it up, and then went to town with the spray paint. I really like the Krylon brand of spray paint, I think that it drips less and is really tough. I used the "Blue Ocean Breeze" color.

Only one scuff from moving across the country!

We use our filing cabinet to store a lot of our pots and pans-- it's really good for hiding clutter. We've used the top part of the filing cabinet to store everything from rollerblades to beer. Hehe.




Remember this little deer photo holder? Right now he's manning the stove. :)

The apartment is really coming along. It feels pretty cozy and homey right now-- even if it is a bit small. Now to work on the walls. :)


Ginger said...

Your apartment is looking so cute!

StacieGrissom said...

Thank you so much, Ginger! :D

prblms4loki said...

I moved in back in July and my place still doesn't look nearly as put-together as yours! I definitely still have boxes hanging around and I'm still searching for the perfect filing cabinet, though I will be using mine for files. Your kitchen looks super cute!

Laura Dawson said...

Nice work! I painted an old bar fridge that was stained and had rust all down the front last weekend. Fire engine red is definitely a pick me up! Your colour is wonderful too! x

Biancarosa said...

brilliant DIY :) Your kitchen looks brilliant as well!


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