Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DIY: How to Make a T-Shirt Halter Top

How to Make a T-shirt Halter Top
When I first saw this tutorial on how to make a halter top out of a t-shirt over on Wobisobi, I was half flabbergasted and half reaching for the scissors and an old t-shirt. I've always been a fan of the t-shirt upcycles-- from t-shirt quilts, t-shirt flower dresses, and woven t-shirt shirts. (Say that five times fast.) ;) The t-shirt halter top is SUPER easy and it takes about 5 minutes!

How to Make a T-shirt Halter Top

Step 1:

How to Make a T-shirt Halter Top
With a pair of scissors, cut off the arms of the t-shirt on both sides. Then cut a deep V into the front of your shirt.

Step 2:

How to Make a T-shirt Halter Top
Then you need to cut along the back of the shirt along the lines of where the arms first met the shirt. Then cut up to the top of the shirt where the V from the previous step meets the top.

How to Make a T-shirt Halter Top
Twist the long straps that you just cut, cross them over in the front, and tie it in the back! A very simple t-shirt upcycle. :)

How to Make a T-shirt Halter Top
Meow. ;)


Duygu Uygun said...

I think you born to craft! I love your crafts and adore your ideas ,especially like this. If you let me i wanna use your ideas and crafts at my blog may i?

Beth said...

Would love to try this but am soooo confused. You cut a V into the front of the shirt but don't cut off the collar...and then cut off the sides in just the back? Or both layers? And how do they become straps???

Stacie Grissom said...

Of course! :)

Stacie Grissom said...

So sorry I confused you! You cut a v in the front of the shirt, and you DO cut off the collar. You also cut a little box in the back, (The middle section comes off in addition to the sleeves). Hope this helps! :)

stacyvee said...

so then, on the back, the two rectangles on each side of the 'box' are the straps? Confused.

StacieGrissom said...

You just extend the rectangles from the front (on either side if the v-neck) into the back, twist them, and tie it up! :)

veronica said...

can you please make an instagram acount i would totaly fallow you and so would hundeds of other peaple

StacieGrissom said...

hahahaha! I actually just joined! :)


jen said...

This is cool but its not the pattern for the shirt you have on in the picture

Qadir Kalhoro said...

Very nice
i like your post and found this post on StumbleUpon.

Thanks For Sharing

aaliyah said...

Do u cut both sides at the same time on the shirt?

StacieStacieStacie said...

Just the back! :)

Tegan Schofield said...

its not clear about the v neck bit, i have now just cut up a t-shirt :/ shame really, looked like a good idea but very confusing and unclear

katrina said...

i dont understaand

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