Sunday, May 20, 2012

Instax Post: Graduation Sunday

Instax Instax

Don't get me wrong, I love, love, love my Polaroid cameras, but the film is so expensive and the cameras are a little bulky so that I can't take photos on a whim whenever I want. I usually save my Polaroids for landscapes, buildings, and special places I want to remember. Recently I bought this little Instax Mini and I'm in looove. The camera takes little credit-card-sized instant photos and I can take it everywhere. The film isn't temperamental and I kind of like how the flash looks on the film. It's great for capturing funny moments with friends and life details. (And if you don't like the price of the camera I have, you can get a white Instax Mini for a lot cheaper.

These photos are from my weekend back at my alma mater. Some of the most fun and emotion-filled hours of the year. :)


Instax Instax
My sorority, making grass angels.

Instax Instax


  1. Fantastic photos. The photos these little cameras take are so priceless. I debated between getting polaroid and instax ended up buying an instax wide for our wedding. Every single photo I took is perfect, I can't wait to convert them digitally and share.


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