Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DIY Clay Teardrop Bead Statement Necklace

DIY Necklace

When I was a little kid, I loved to make things with clay. I mean loved. My favorite things to make were tiny clay animals-- complete zoo sets for homemade dioramas, colonies of penguins, paddlings of ducks, and miniature replicas of every animal I ever owned. (When you grow up in the country, you accrue quite a few.) I was so in love with clay that I would spend my birthday buying packs of bake-able Fimo clay from Hobby Lobby. One time, in elementary school art class, we were making clay jugs for our moms out of the moist pottery clay and I decided to wrap a chunk of that precious clay in a paper towel and stick it in my pocket to make a critter later at home. As luck would have it, the class tattle tale saw my stealthy clay thievery and told the art teacher after class. During our next class session, my teacher (gently) lectured the class, telling us that the clay was for the art room and the art room only. Her kind eyes made contact with mine in a way that said, "Stacie, I am talking to you, you clay pirate." I felt so guilty and ashamed that afterwards when I got home I could barely look at the clay dog I'd made with my stolen clay. ;)

While my clay-stealing days are over, I still love the stuff. I rarely make a clay creature these days, but I did make some teardrop beads. Craft product love endures. ;) This statement necklace from Anthropologie was my (loose) inspiration.

Anthropologie Teardrop Necklace
(This picture is from Jessica's blog where she made an INCREDIBLE and EXACT replica of the pricy Anthro necklace.)

Clay Bead Necklace
My version. A bit more summery than Jessica's classic version, but I need to attempt her necklace ASAP. ;)

What you need to make the teardrop bead necklace:

-Bake-able Fimo Clay
-Paint (Unless the clay is the color you want.)
-Mod Podge
-Paper Clip
-Needle, Jewelry String
-Beads of choice
-Necklace (I used this necklace base from the new {styled} by Tori Spelling jewelry line-- this is just a sneak peek of that, though. I have a huge post coming up on this cool new line. :)

Step 1:
Mod Podge Beads
First you need to shape the beads and then poke holes in the top with a paper clip/needle/whatever you can find around the house. None of my beads were exactly alike, but I think that fits the boho vibe of the necklace. Also, it is darn near impossible to make multiple beads look exactly alike. :) Then you can bake the beads until they are hard. (I think I did mine for 15 minutes at 375 degrees? I was winging it because I lost my clay directions.) After the beads have baked and cooled, you can paint them whatever color you choose-- unless the clay is already the color you want.

Step 2:
Mod Podge Beads
After you've painted the beads, seal it with your favorite trusty Mod Podge.

DIY Necklace
String some beads and you've got it! Add a layering necklace to make it even more of a statement.

DIY Necklace DIY Necklace

DIY Necklace

DIY Necklace

DIY Necklace
Yup. Love clay that much.

DIY Necklace


gingermakes said...

Loooooooove this!

bunnysunday said...

The necklace is GORGEOUS and your cat is ADORABLE :-)

Catherine said...


Jessica said...

this is so cute!!! i love love love your version of the necklace!! Thank you for including mine. Ah you are darling!

AR said...

absolutely beautiful! I'm going to make the same thing with bright orange tear drop crystals! thanks for sharing!

Mod Podge Amy said...

Of course I love this Stacie! It's so fun - and the colors are beautiful!

angela said...

I love this so much, what a wonderful neclace. I really love your blog. Just bookmarked.

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