Monday, May 28, 2012

3 No-Sew Scarf Shirts

3 No-Sew Scarf Shirts
I love summer barbecues, summer nights, and summer adventures, but I HATE summer clothes. (Jean shorts in particular are so restrictive to me and no matter what I wear I become a sweaty mess.) While I hate most summer clothes, I do love a couple summer staples-- breezy pants, cotton tops, mmm. :) Recently when I was working on The Knot Library, I came up with a couple ways to wear scarves as shirts that might just change my mind about summer clothes. Here are three of my favorites.

3 No-Sew Scarf Shirts

Scarf Bustier:

I love wearing this strapless top with a long skirt-- people don't believe this is a scarf when you tell them! Shop the Rory Aztec Scarf. I'm wearing the Tristan ZigZag Scarf.

Scarf Halter Top:

A breezy way to tie a summer top, this scarf shirt looks great with a flowy high-waisted skirt, jeans, or shorts. (Shop the Floral Bahama Scarf. I'm wearing the Rebecca Crinkle Scarf.)
Scarf Shirt>

No-Sew Scarf Shirt

Similar to my DIY scarf shirt, instead of stitching two scarves together, just pin everything in place with safety pins! (All scarves in these photos are thrifted. But you can find nice silk square scarves here.)

Still looking for summer scarf tips? Check out this post! :)


CouldBeKim said...

You wear them well! I'd be afraid of a wardrobe malfunction though!


Stacie Grissom said...

Haha! Thanks Kim! They're surprisingly sturdy, though. I wear a tube top under the first one. :)

Catherine said...

Oh my goodness, how tiny is your waist??
All 3 styles look beautiful on you.
I tried the halterneck one the other day from your ways to wear scarves post, but the pictures wouldn't load on my computer so I couldn't get it quite right...
I shall try, try again as I have plenty of thrifted scarves(and bought ones and presents!) and I need to wear them in more exciting ways!

Mary Sane said...

I have the same problem with summer clothes which kind of lead me to hating summer...though I actually think it's really nice. Those scarf tricks are really cool, maybe I should try them out!


Hether McCuistion said...

How do i get to the tutorial?

StacieGrissom said...

You can click on the titles! :)

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