Sunday, April 15, 2012

DIY Bib Necklace

DIY Bib Necklace
When I was on my little vacation trip to the east coast, my pretty little friend Adele bought this amazing bib necklace at a little shop in Princeton. You know when you see something on a person and you just can't stop thinking about it? That totally happens to me all the time and the only way to stop dwelling on a cool accessory idea is to just make it myself. ;) I've always had a thing for jewelry, and I'm obsessed with scarves these days, but lately I've started noticing a lot of cool statement necklaces around. (Especially on my friend and co-worker, Molly, who has the most incredible necklace collection.) :D
DIY Bib Necklace
Dress: Macy's | Shirt: Old Navy, made smaller with tutorial | Sunglasses: Sunglass Warehouse | Shoes: DSW
DIY Bib Necklace
DIY Bib Necklace DIY Bib Necklace
DIY Bib Necklace
My Don Draper sunglasses.

How to Make the Bib Necklace:

You need:
-Fabric Mod Podge
-Sewing Machine
-Silk flowers
-Brush to spread Mod Podge
-Needle & Thread
-Beads, sequins, etc.

**I will give a little bit of a disclaimer here, Plaid did send me this cute little bottle of Fabric Mod Podge to use, but I feel like giving me Mod Podge is like giving my dog, Bridget, a piece of bacon or something. Mod Podge just might be my fourth favorite substance behind water, food, and chapstick. I've grown up using Plaid products and I was so tickled to try the fabric Mod Podge. (It rocks, btw.) ;)

DIY Bib Necklace Step 1: First you need to take your silk flowers and tear them off their stems. I used similar colors, but you can always use a variety of colors to make a more vibrant necklace.
DIY Bib Necklace Next, you trace the outline of your necklace base on the fabric. Make sure you have 2 layers of fabric because you will sew them together. Stitch around your outline leaving two little spots on the sides where your ribbon will go.
DIY Bib Necklace Flip your sewn shape inside out and stitch the ribbons inside the little bib. I took my iron and ironed the shape flat, I think it just makes it more flat and crisp.
DIY Bib Necklace Take your silk flowers and plan them out on the necklace. Place the larger flowers on the bottom of your flower pile.
DIY Bib Necklace With your brush, paint on layers of fabric Mod Podge to each flower layer. Just make sure the fabrics are absorbing the Mod Podge and you're good-to-go. ;)
DIY Bib Necklace After your Mod Podge dries, you can add some sequin and bead detailing. And that's it!
DIY Bib Necklace

Thanks again to Plaid for the Mod Podge, I can't wait to use it on my next project! :) And for anyone interested, Plaid has some other cool supplies for fashion crafting, as well as a diagram to decipher the differences between their different Mod Podge formulas. :)


Well, hey there! Thanks for reading! ;)

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