Sunday, April 29, 2012

Around the Web Lately...

I've been a bit of a slacker about sharing some of the things I've been working on outside of this blog for a while-- these are some projects I'm quite proud of and happy to share. ;) First up: "The Knot Library."

The Knot Library

This is an ongoing project that's been up for a while over on Scarves Dot Net and we are adding to the scarf knot library as often as we can. :) Funny thing about "The Knot Library," it actually crashed some of my company's websites for a a bit because of one powerful pin on Pinterest. (eep!) If any bloggers reading this would like a high-res version of this graphic to share on your own blog, just shoot me an email at If you just want to say hello and give some scarfspiration, that's fine too. ;)

(The following four are from my DIY fashion column over on The Fashion Spot. :))
DIY Shoe Bow clips

Shoe Bow Clips

Give new life to an old pair of shoes with these little bows. :)


15 DIY Hacks for Scarves

A roundup of 15 ways to wear, stitch, tie, and wrap scarves. Scarves are the multitaskers of the accessory world. ;)

DIY Neon celine clutch

DIY Neon Striped Clutch

How to add a pop of neon to your wardrobe using a little paint on a clutch!

DIY hair accessories

15 DIY Hair Accessories to Make

A roundup of 15 hair accessories that are simple to make! :)

And finally...

Vintage Guide to Indianapolis

For all of my fellow hoosiers, I wrote up a vintage guide to Indianapolis for Indy's fashion community. These are some of my favorite shops around the Circle City. :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! :)

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Blytheponytailparades said...

Woah, I love the vintage around Indy guide!!!!!!!

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