Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How to Do a Sock French Twist

How to do a Sock French Twist
My little sister is home for her spring break this week so I asked made her help me with a little hair tutorial idea I had. :) Before we made this video, I tried putting on a little makeup for Natalie... and I learned something. The same makeup techniques that work for one person DO NOT work for another. See, my sister wears very little makeup and I wanted to see what she looked like with some cat eye eyeliner... maybe a little blush. And let me tell yeh, it looked WRONG. So wrong. Almost clown-like horrid, actually. And I'm pretty good at putting on cat eye eyeliner! It just got me thinking about how style and beauty routines are incredibly different for each person, even sisters. Whether you're trying a sock bun, a French twist, or going at your hair with a flatiron, you've just got to work with what you've got, quit chasing trends, and develop a style that's true to yourself. :)

I've seen so many hair tutorials around lately on Pinterest, but I really liked how the sock bun and the extra boost of volume it gives. (Love volume. ;)) So I tried using a sock for a French twist, and it worked!

How to Do a Sock French Twist:

You need:
-Sock (Same/similar color to your hair.)
-Bobby Pins

PS-- Even though my little sister is a Division I athlete, she beat me by A LOT in every cross country race we ever ran together for 6 years, she can look like a babe with barely any makeup, and her hair is better than mine (darn you), I will take comfort in the fact that she is terrible at putting on eyeliner. Bam. Take that. Also, I'm pretty sure the dog likes me better. ;)

PPS-- Like this post? Check out my other hair tutorials on how to style curly hair and DIY feather hair extensions. :)

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  1. i have never seen that, making a bun with a sock! in french we call this kind of knot hair " a chignon banane" like a banana!


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