Saturday, February 18, 2012

Newborn Baby Lambs

Baby Lambs
I just had to share these photos from today-- the light, the subjects, the little lives pictured are just too precious to keep these photos on my hard drive. I've lived in the country surrounded by corn fields my entire life. I showed sheep for ten years in 4-H and my grandpa has always been a hobby farmer. (He was also a teacher and then a principal... but "hobby farmer" to him means having cattle and an entire flock of 40+ sheep.) Over the years as he grew older, my grandpa's farm has grown smaller, but he still continues to take care of his crazy 80-year-old self and the livestock. (He also has two llamas right now, supposedly they protect sheep from dogs and coyotes.)

When I went over to see some of the new baby lambs today, one of the ewes had just given birth to twins out in the barn lot. Usually my grandpa predicts when the sheep are going to give birth, but this old gal caught him by surprise and my sister, her friends, and I helped my grandpa take the babys and their mom inside the barn for warmth and safety.

Baby Lambs
Carrying the babies into the barn.

Baby Lambs
Nosy llamas.

Baby Lambs
And a nosy sheep.

Baby Lambs

Baby Lambs

Baby Lambs

Baby Lambs
Two of the older lambs. Fun fact: my grandpa has the oldest flock of Dorset sheep in the state of Indiana. These sheep have been in my family for a while.

Baby Lambs

Baby Lambs

Baby Lambs
These llamas are funny creatures, although they aren't as easy on the eyes as the little lambs. ;)


EvaMae said...

Those lambs are too adorable! Looks like the start of spring! If you would like to share your awesome projects and ideas with similarly themed blogs add your name to the link up tab on my blog! said...

What gorgeous pictures of a bunch of beautiful creatures. Those lambs and that kitty look especially cuddle-ready. Glad you were there to do the job!

Sparks In Spring said...

I've always wanted to live in a farm and learn how to handle one! It is like one of those things I want to achieve in life, I am strange like that haha. The new born lambs are so precious!

kat said...

The lambs are so sweet! I love their little faces. These are some really lovely pictures. I adore llamas. I tried to convince my husband that we need to have a llama farm but he didn't go for it. It's too bad. ^_^

AnaJan said...

How cute are they?!? Beautiful shots!

heartofjoy said... so stinkin' cute. What a great way to spend a day. :)

Lettenia Heen said...

Beautiful pictures! Once I'd like to experience how the farm life goes... :)

Lisa said...

Oh! was so exited watching the Newborn Baby..loved your photography!

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