Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DIY Shoelaces


I love details-- almost too much sometimes. (In high school I might've been accused of over-accessorizing on more than one occasion.) :D I just don't see the problem with a look made of glitter sunglasses, dangly earrings, an "S" necklace, and a hair flower. ;) While I might've toned it down a tad in the accessory department today, if something feels a bit boring to me, I feel a bit uncomfortable wearing it.

DIY Shoelaces

These boots were feeling a little bit drab to me. For a while I wore black ribbons as shoelaces to spruce them up a bit, but it just wasn't cutting it for me anymore. After I made the Anthropologie-inspired scarf necklace for work, I had all these extra serged scarf strips left over... and I decided to make them into shoelaces. Also-- I've been seeing some awesome shoelace inspiration around the web. ;)

Like these from Martha Stewart:
DIY Shoelaces

Or these from Atlantic-Pacific:
DIY Shoelaces

Or these awesome ribbon shoelaces I saw on Jag Lever:
DIY Shoelaces

Here's how to make my scarf shoelaces:
(If you don't have a serger, you can always use ribbons.) ;)

DIY Shoelaces
Find some scarves at a thrift store. The scarves I used had some holes in them and they weren't really serving as great scarves anymore. :)

DIY Shoelaces
If you have a serger, run the scarves through the serger and make little strips. If you don't have a serger, you can get a similar look with a zigzag stitch on the sewing machine and cut along the edges. It won't be as clean as if you used a serger, but it will do.

DIY Shoelaces
That's it! Thread the scarf strips or ribbon through the holes in your shoes and you've got a funky new pair of laces. :)

DIY Shoelaces
Good luck!


Bromeliad said...


I went out on a limb and wore bright blue shoelaces to work yesterday (Corporate office, over-40 wearer.) It got some smiles. (And probably some eye rolls.)

Tairalyn said...

What a great idea. LOVING the scarf laces. Seeings as I just got a pair of lace wedges in the mail this morning, Im going to have to try this.


Come by today and see what you think of "what I wore" Sailor Blue.

PS: Don't forget to come by tomorrow and tune in on the EXCITEMENT. Tomorrow I will be interviewing Style Agent, Stylist, Janette Ewen. So Fabulous... It will be my first vlog and up on Little Miss Mama next week.



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