Tuesday, January 31, 2012

14 Ways to Revamp Your Shoes

anthropologie scarf flats
diy floral boots
rectangle shoe clips
chanel-inspired cap-toe wedges
anthropologie cap-toe flats
painted converse sneakers
diy jeffrey campbell
mini bow shoe clips
diy saddle shoes
diy boots
glitter boots
beaded cowboy boots
diy button shoes
diy decoupage shoes

Click on the squares above to find the project's original source.

Out of all the DIY fashion projects I've made, upcycling shoes has always been a go-to project for me. I never really realized how many pairs I've glued, decoupaged, beaded, stitched, or painted until I made this graphic-- most of the projects above are mine. (I can't decide if all those projects were time well-spent or just spent time? :)) Maybe the real explanation is that Imelda Marcos is one of my long-lost eighth cousins or something and my problem is hereditary... Ha. I doubt the long-lost relations theory as much as I doubt that my shoe projects will stop anytime soon. ;)

1. Anthropologie-Inspired Scarf Flats: Use a vintage scarf to make a bow on a pair of flats.

2. Floral Fabric Boots, via A Beautiful Mess: With some fabric, glue, and some Mod Podge, you can make a pair of weathered boots look new again. :) (PS-- A Beautiful Mess is one of the best DIY blogs around.)

3. Rosette Shoe Clips, via Brydferth on Etsy: Use my tutorial to make a fabric flower and glue the flowers to some earring backs like this and you've got shoe clips!

4. Chanel-Inspired Cap-Toe Wedges: A simple DIY with fabric paint.

5. Anthropologie Dipped Skimmers: Not a DIY (yet) but take a pair of flats and paint the toes yellow for a more budget-friendly option.

6. Painted Converse Sneakers: Favorite pair of sneakers looking a little drab? Paint them!

7. DIY Jeffrey Campbell "Tick" Shoes: You only need thumbtacks, a pair of wedges, some paint, and glue!

8. Mini Bow Shoe Clips, via No144 on Etsy: Stitch some ribbon bows onto clip on earring backs like this. Or you can just sew a ribbon bow to your flats.

9. DIY Saddle Shoes, via Bleubird Vintage: White sneakers + some paint= Voila!

10. Scalloped Leather Boots: Use some leather scraps and some superglue to upcycle a pair of boots.

11. DIY Glitter Boots, via Sprinkles in Springs: With some fabric paint or Mod Podge, add glitter to accent a pair of boots!

12. Beaded Cowboy Boots: Add some spunk to a pair of cowboy boots with some seed beads.

13. DIY Button Heels: One of my oldest DIYs-- and a favorite. :) Take some vintage buttons, a needle, and a thimble. (A thimble is very necessary for this project unless you want some wounded thumbs. :))

DIY Shoes

14. Magazine Collage Shoes: To make these shoes you can use either Mod Podge or Shoe Goo to make a collage stick to your shoes. I used Shoe Goo on this pair because it is more flexible than Mod Podge. Honestly, when I made these shoes it was one of my first experiences with decoupage techniques. I do recommend Shoe Goo, though. It is good stuff. :)

DIY Collage Shoes



Lauren said...

I love the ones with the painted toes! So simple but totally gives them a new look. Great post!

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Heather Anelie Holloman said...

This is such a great idea! I love to buy shoes, but I realized that I have about a million pairs of flats that look identical, this post makes me want revamp a few pairs for spring!

Amy Anderson said...

AWESOME roundup! I was thinking of doing one for Mod Podge shoes but I never get around to stuff I think of doing. Haha! Your roundup is perfect. I LOVE your button shoes especially!!

Kara said...

Hi! Thanks for including me in this roundup. I actually just wore those boots today for another outfit pic :) And I'm totally obsessed with the boots from A Beautiful Mess- I pinned it as soon as I saw them!!
xx Kara
Sprinkles in Springs

Alice said...

Best post ever!! Thank you for sharing :)


Caroline said...

Hello there Stacie~
you may remember me...:) I've commented before about how much you inspire me! :)
I had to say, again, I am so impressed by your blog. Every time I receive one of your posts in my inbox, I smile. because I love your clear and professional photography, your well-written instructions and your beautiful projects. I think that your blog is the best diy one out there, and I can't figure out why you don't have like 10,000+ followers, to tell you the truth. So that's just my little comment (more like letter, haha!) to tell you how much I appreciate you and your blog. :)

Val - A Cleaner Closet said...

These are amazing! I absolutely love the scarf-bow flats. You're so creative!


JackieSS said...

I LOVE these ideas! You need to create a SkinnyScoop list! These ideas would be great in a list..but anyways, I love your ideas :) So adorable! Not to mention your blog is awesome ;) Definitely a fan right *here*

Lauryn Clemmer said...

those are so awesome!
i totally have some shoes that need refashioning.
thanks for putting these together!
you have such a great blog :)
{love} lauryn @ lovenotesbylauryn.blogspot.com
stop by if you are interested!

Surndr said...

converse are also easily dyed, I've dyed two with absolute success!

Jill Goldberg said...


kathy said...

love this idea, im definitely going to try :)

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