Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DIY Scarf with Flower Embellishments

How to make flowers for a scarf
Dress: Forever 21 (Yeah!), Lace tights: Vera Wang for Kohls, Scarf: Street vendor in NYC and decorated by me, Boots: Etienne Aigner (Ebay) 

This black scarf is actually a remake of a scarf that I made a few years ago. Unfortunately when I was visiting my friend in Canada, I was trying on these unicorn costumes in a Value Village dressing room. I left my scarf there and when I came back the next morning, someone had purchased my scarf! What the heck, right? :)

So, I made another. (I really liked that scarf.)

How to make flowers for a scarf

This was the original. Slightly different, but pretty much the same.

Black Flower Scarf

Black Flower Scarf

How to make flowers for a scarf

To make this scarf, you need:
Plasticky fabric (I used laundry bags that I bought at the 99 cent store in Harlem.) Any synthetic fabric should work.
Needle and thread
Fabric glue

Step 1: First, you need to cut out the flower shapes. You can make any shape you want. The edges will burn up and make new shapes anyway.
How to make flowers for a scarf

Step 2: Burn the edges of your flowers with a candle. I just run the fabric near the fire and it crinkles up a bit. This makes sure that the fabric won't fray.
How to make flowers for a scarf

Step 3: After you have the amount of petals that you want to create the texture of flowers for your scarf, you need to sew the beads in the center of the flower and sew the flower to the scarf. After you have sewn the centers, you need to take fabric glue and glue down the edges of the petals so they don't flop everywhere. Do NOT make the mistake I made by glueing on top of paper. It will attach itself to the little glue spots on your scarf. Also, do not let your drying scarf rest on the carpet. Put it on top of an old sheet or something. :)

And that's it! :)

How to make flowers for a scarf


One note about my boots. I got these little guys on Ebay (a great place for boots, I must say) because I think that the vintage boots are MUCH better quality than the boots of the same price in stores today. I do not like the faux leather when it comes to boots-- they don't last a tenth of the time that the leather boots last. But because I buy vintage/secondhand boots, sometimes their soles are a bit messed up. The soles of these boots were perfect when I first got them, but they started cracking after a few wears. So I decided to fix them with a bit of Shoe Goo.


It works really well and sealed those cracks right up.


I really like some of the older Etienne Aigner products. :)


*le sigh. I love boot weather! :)

How to Make a Camera Strap from a Scarf

How to Make a Camera Strap from a Silk Scarf

Ahh! Guess what. I'm blogging. And working. At the same time! Head on over to Scarves.net to see how to make a camera strap from a silk scarf. We've got some pretty awesome scarf-tying tips there as well. ;)

For example, I made this little graphic last week:
How to Tie a Scarf

So go! ;D

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fabric Flower Headband DIY

DIY Flower Headband

If I had to choose one thing to make over and over and over again, it would have to be fabric flowers. Of course it would be a tough choice between glitterizing every purse I have... I still think I would always choose fabric flowers. (And I have no idea why there would be some evil crafter out there that would give me such an ultimatum, but just go with me.) :)

From flowers made of zippers, fabric flowers on skirts, fabric flowers on shirts, it's safe to say I like flowers. A little.

For this project you need:
Fabric strips
Hot Glue Gun
Some sort of fabric that won't fray. (Felt, wool, jersey.)
DIY Flower Headband

This tutorial is a bit easier to understand through video.

PS- I need some better muzak forealz.

DIY Flower Headband
And then you get this!

DIY Flower Headband
You can also make these flowers into belt embellishments, corsages, hair clips, anything really. I might add some of these little guys to a shirt soon. :)

DIY Flower Headband

To all of my flower-loving kindred spirits out there, I've pinned about a bazillion flowers in my DIY Fashion board on Pinterest. Also, I posted about the yellow flower headband in the tutorial video here. (I made the yellow flower with the same technique as this pink flower. :))

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Polaroid Post: Two Birds on a Wire

Birds on a Wire

You have no idea how long it took me to chase down two birds on a wire and snap a Polaroid of them. I took this photo two summers ago... (Gosh I can't believe it was two summers ago!) when Regina Spektor's Far album came out. I finally captured those little dudes on a wire after I saw birds mingling about in the area. Taken on my Polaroid SX-70 with Impossible Project first flush film.

I haven't been as obsessed with photographing birds on a wire ever since I got this shot of fat little pigeons in Puerto Rico:
Birds on a Wire

I just looked up and they were there! I was really excited at the time to get my definitive birds on a wire shot... but I think I need to rekindle my love for bird Polaroids. Pigeons don't count. It was too easy. :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

How to Make a Fork Bracelet

How to make a Fork Bracelet

Fork Bracelet

I've always loved taking everyday items and making them into something interesting. Ever since I was a little crafty kid I loved devouring books that taught me how to make little dolls from clothespins, beads from rolled up magazines, and little fairy ornaments from wire and fake flower petals. The first time I saw my friend wearing a bracelet made from a fork a few years ago, I knew I had to try it (*ahem Carly ;)). I wrote up a tutorial a while back, but I've had some questions about the directions I gave so I decided to make a proper tutorial with a video! :)

(Please excuse my intro, if you can't hustle your website on your Youtube channel, where else are you supposed to do it? ;))

What you need:
A fork. You can find the fork I used here.I think these forks are the easiest to use, and I've used a lot of different forks. :)
  Pliers, 3 pairs. 1 jewelry pair, 1 regular pair or needle nose, and an adjustable wrench.
  Piece of thick fabric like denim or corduroy.
 Strong hands. If you don't have these you might need to buy a hand exerciser. Just kidding. Ask for help! ;)
  If you still can't figure out how to make the bracelet, I sell fork bracelets in my Etsy store for a good price. If you want a bulk order, I can totally do that!

Fork Bracelet

I've always really liked layering bracelets. And my watch is hands down (or should I say wrists down?) the greatest watch ever invented. Digital, with a chronograph, a light, silver and gold? *Le sigh. ;)


The other wrist.



Anthropologie belt
Forks and wolves go together, right?

They definitely go with feathers.

Fork Bracelet

If anyone needs help, just leave a comment. :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Louis Daguerre!

(These are my tintypes that I hang on my bulletin board all the time. I wish they were Daguerrotypes. ;) )

I was so tickled this morning when I opened up Google and the doodle was a Daguerrotype! Thank you, thank you, thank you to the man who invented the first successful commercial photo process.


Without him who knows what my Nikon child-of-a-camera or my beloved Polaroids would look like today. Would they even exist? I don't like to even think of it!

I've always been looking for Daguerrotypes in antique stores, but there has never been one for a good price. I did get these tintypes above for a couple dollars, (most likely because they are in such terrible shape) but I've never seen a well-priced Daguerrotype. I won't get into the photo nerd details about why Daguerrotypes make me so swoony, I just want to say:


Daguerre, "Boulevard du Temple"
(Daguerre's famous photo-- argued to be the first photo of a person... ever.)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DIY Deer Photo Holder

Deer Photo Holder
I made this little guy last January but never got around to photographing him properly. (I just didn't do him justice before.)

I bought the little deer for .50 at a flea market in town. The DIY is pretty easy, but might be a little tricky the first time you make one.

Deer Photo Holder

You need:
Plastic animal
Magnets (the stronger the better)
Hot glue gun
Cotton balls if animal is hollow, or stuffing of choice

Step 1: First you need to cut the animal in half. Keep in mind the angle at which the photo will be displayed. You don't want your photo to face forward!

Step 2: If your animal is hollow, you can fill it in with hot glue and cotton balls just so that the magnet will have a wider spot to be glued to in the end. Alternate hot glue and stuffing, (you can use newspaper too).

Step 3: After your animal is stuffed, just glue the magnet to both sides of the cut open body. I used a strip of magnets and cut them to size. I am no science person, but my magnets were polarized differently so I had to rotate them around to see where they stuck together the best.

And voila! You can turn your animal around for a cheekier photo holder.

Deer Photo Holder
Deer bum. ;)

Polaroid SX-70

I took the Polaroid of Times Square with this little pup of a camera. I wrote about Tommy the Polaroid SX-70 a while back as well.

Happy crafting my fellow crafty crafters. ;)

Monday, November 14, 2011

DIY Glitter Accent Purse

DIY Glitter Details on Purse

I am on such a glitter kick-- it is so fun and I can't stop! I got this purse from my work on "Giveaway Day" where we get to take home one of the damaged or returned products. The awesome thing is that there isn't much wrong with this purse, the zipper is a little finicky but that's it.

It's great for a work bag because I am one of those people who brings a TON of stuff wherever I go. My packmule tendencies have been worse lately because I've taken to running during my lunch hour since it is almost stinking midnight-light by the time I get home from work. (Darn you, daylight savings!) I HATE running inside without fresh air, birds, and passing scenery and this bag is great because I can pack my lunch AND my running clothes.

DIY Glitter Details on Purse

Unfortunately this purse is out of stock on HandbagHeaven.com, but there is another doctor satchel that I think would look really good with a glitter embellishment at the top. You can always prowl your local Goodwill and find a cool bag to decorate-- although if anyone glitterfies a vintage Coach purse or something, I am internet disowning them.

What you need: (Not much.)
Glitter DIY-2

This purse is really not hard to make. First you need to tape off the area around the soon-to-be glitterfied section. Everyone loves a glitterization, but the glitter's gotta stay where the glitter's supposed to stay. ;)

Glitter DIY-1

Next you mix the glitter and the Mod Podge (I say half and half ratio?) and cake the glitter glue on. I mean CAKE it on. You don't want the purse to show through, and you can rarely have too much glitter, right? (But seriously, it will take a lot less time if you cake it on.) You can do multiple layers if needed.

Glitter DIY-3

DIY Glitter Details on Purse

Voila! And that glitter's not going anywhere.

DIY Glitter Details on Purse

Cameo Necklace

Pair it with some sequins and you are ready to go. (And this is probably as close to neutrals as I get in terms of dressing.)

DIY Glitter Details on Purse

Thursday, November 10, 2011

T-Shirt Scarf #2

T shirt Scarf

My mom has been crafting again. (She has also been Pinning like a maniac and my sister texted me a photo of her asleep at the computer with her finger on a pin, but that's another story. :))

T shirt Scarf

T shirt Scarf

T shirt Scarf
Both her first t-shirt scarf and this t-shirt scarf necklace are on sale in my Etsy store. :)
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