Sunday, September 25, 2011

Deer Antler Necklace Rack

DIY Deer Antler Necklace Rack

One of my more recent projects-- an antler necklace rack. Now these antlers might look a little weird to you, like you've never seen a deer's antlers to point out like this... And you would be quite right. Because I totally messed up and hung them wrong.
But I'm fine with having a wonky little rack on the wall. I don't have many hunter friends who would even realize that these antlers are a bit off. And even if I did have friends who knew a thing or two about deer antlers, they would probably disown me for hanging necklaces on them.
DIY Deer Antler Necklace Rack
With the right tools, the antlers are pretty simple to make. I made my own plaque in my grandpa's wood shop, but one of my friends bought a deer antler mounting kit at Walmart. You just need to drill into the antlers to get them to stay on the wood.
DIY Deer Antler Necklace Rack
This is one of my favorite projects in a while. I am really happy how it turned out.
DIY Deer Antler Necklace Rack
Makes it much easier to choose a necklace in the morning. :)

DIY Deer Antler Necklace Rack

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Make a Vest from a Scarf

Photobucket Click-hop over top Chic Steals to see my guest post on making a vest from a scarf! You can also win the scarf vest I made if you leave a comment on Carly's blog!

I just started a new job at Affordable Style where I get to write about scarves all day. Awesome, right? So help the new girl out and enter the giveaway so that my boss will let me do some more tutorials at work. *Swoon. Seriously, any job that combines sewing machines, computers, and blogs is the to me! Hehe.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Refinished Furniture

Refinished Dresser Here are a few things I've been working on in the past month. Refinishing a dresser and a cabinet, as well as repainting my room. My room was in serious need of something because it had been painted the same color(s) since I was 13. And let me tell you-- when I was thirteen, my mom said I could decorate my room however I wanted. (Woohoo!) It was great. I chose these colors and when I came back from my 7th grade trip to Space Camp my walls looked like this: Before My new room Yes. These colors are great for a 13-year-old. (And yeah, I went to the Space Camp!) Seriously, I thought my room was the best. And I am pretty sure my 13-year-old friends thought the same. But as you get older, this over-saturated color palate becomes very uncool and a bit nauseating after a return trip home from college. (Although I must say, whenever I had company in the form of girls ages 6-14, my room was still tops.)

So a few weeks ago, I painted it. A much calmer shade of blue. And I've been doing a bit of redecorating as well. Like:
My new room 1. Adding my newly refinished dresser to my room. My mom and I got this dresser at an antique store for $30. Then my dad and I worked on it for a couple of weeks to get it stripped, sanded, and refinished. A lot of work, but very fulfilling. My new room 2. Hanging some Polaroid art that I received as a graduation gift as well as a mirror I bought for 4$. My new room 3. Using some old quilts I found around the house for bedspreads. And new shoes. Also, I love that granny square blanket. I bought it for 6$ and my mom told me how she thought it is ugly, (Story of my thrifting life.) But then I saw a Target ad making fun of granny square quilts... I still think they are pretty? My new room 4. Stacking my trusty suitcases and storing winter things, costumes, and supplies inside.
"[a trunk in the office rocks violently, and a low moan comes from inside]
Professor Moody: Wouldn't even bother to tell you what's in there, wouldn't believe me if I did."

Leopard sheets 5. Fitting my bed with leopard sheets. Peacock feathers and Polaroid Print 6. Making arrangements from peacock feathers. Deer antlers 7. Hanging necklaces from my DIY mounted deer antlers. (A DIY coming soon.) My new room
8. Using my new chair.
My new room
9. Hanging things on the bulletin board.
Kitties 10. And taking care of some kittehs for my grandpa. A post on the other cabinet my dad and I refinished is up next!
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