Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Reupholstered Chairs Project

(The after shot)

(The before)

So I was sifting through one of my favorite flea markets about a month ago, and I saw this chair in a booth marked for $9.50. I thought the curvy lines of the chair were beautiful, and even though the upholstery needed some work, I immediately snatched up the chair.

I was really proud of myself for such a great deal, and I left the chair in the garage to show to my dad when he got home. My dad is a furniture aficionado. His parents used to own an antique store and he has an appreciation for nice old things made of wood-- so I was excited to show him. But when he walked in the garage, I said, "Dad, what do you think my chair? Cool huh?"

My dad looked at the chair and kind of grunted. "How much did you pay for that piece of (insert the appropriate phrase spoken by a good ol' boy from the depths of Southern Indiana) ?"

I was crushed! I thought I made a bad purchase-- and money hasn't really been growing on trees for me lately during my post collegiate job search. Did I waste ten dollars? Crap.

But after a little bit of work and paint, (and help from my insanely handy and talented parents) I turned the chair into this.


In the end, my dad was really impressed. He actually apologized and said to me, "Stacie, I didn't see what you saw." It's just so funny to compare what my parents think is awesome and what I think is awesome. Stuff from the 60s and 70s that they grew up with, they think is hideous. I think it's kitschy, stylish, and a reminder of another era. To my parents, shag carpet reminds them of a smelly great aunt. To me it's a very awesome conversation starter. 

I love the print, it looks like a "G" to me. For Grissom!

The chair's partner. I got it for really cheap as well because it had a little broken spot in the wood. But you can't tell with paint. (FYI: I have learned from my dad that it is blasphemous to paint good wood furniture. I'm only allowed to paint broken stuff and pine. Because, of course, pine is crap. So I've heard.)

The bottom of the cushion.

I just love curvy, feminine looking furniture. I've also been working on stripping and refinishing some dressers that I got for super cheap in an antique store. Although I might not have a job quite yet, I sure am learning some interesting and practical skills in terms of woodworking and the laws of furniture (according to my dad)...

Last summer my sister painted her furniture for her college apartment. My dad still hasn't forgiven her. It's okay though, now anytime we find something good and wooden in the attic, I get first dibs. Partly because I'm a bit of a vulture and partly because I have cultivated a love for all things wooden. As long as it's not pine. :)


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Flower Pillow

DIY Flower Pillow
My newest DIY-- a flower pillow. The yellow fabric is actually a vintage dress that I bought for 4$ from an antique store in my town. It was one of those shift dresses from the 70s that women wore around the house. I'd been looking for a yellow dress for a while, but when I brought it home, my mom told me that it was hideous. (Ouch!) So then I tried to fix it and make it more flattering. But I just cut too much and accidentally ruined it. But now it is a pillow. All is well.

DIY Flower Pillow
Close-up. The granny square blanket is another antique store purchase for 6$!

To make the flower pillow:
DIY Flower Pillow
Take some squares of fabric and iron the sides in until they form a geometric-angular-circular thing. Then just layer them up until you are satisfied. After that, I just took my sewing machine and sewed in a swirl until the fabric was secure.

My wonderful Sewing Machine
Speaking of sewing, check out the sewing machine my mom gave me for graduation. It is so cool. I have sewn some hems with flower patterns and little alligator patterns. It also threads itself!

DIY Flower Pillow-Process
A view of the little flowers before I stitched on them. Also, I am starting a link exchange if you want to be linked up on my blog, I'll trade you for a link on yours! Just shoot me a comment. :)
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