Friday, July 22, 2011

Myrtle Wears a New Flower

I'm always very inspired by the ladies over at they wear bright colors and glitter and always make goofy (yet adorable) videos.

Fabric Flower
As for the decision to make the brooch in hot pink, I must say that my thirteen-year-old self had a wonderful relationship with hot pink. But then pink and I had a falling out. We are working on the relationship and it seems to be blossoming again. We've mutually decided that moderation is best.

Flower of Fabric
To make this flower, it's so easy.

1. Cut out a bunch of flower-looking shapes. Perhaps your idea of what a flower should be.
2. I used clear spray paint to stiffen the floppy chiffon fabric. This is optional, but otherwise you will have a floppy flower. *Note: Do this on plastic grocery bags, not newspaper. This flower has newsprint all in its middle but I hid it well.
3. Stitch the layers together, forming and shaping them into a flower. Then stitch a safety pin to pin to your shirt. Then call yourself crocodile because you're dundee!

Another color adventurer: Fantastic Mr. Wool Fox. Turquoise and rust. I've learned that anytime you're at a loss for a color combo, just look to Mother Nature. She's the best decorator around. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Myrtle the Mannequin

DIY Dress Form

Split Colors Cardigan

Meet the new model for my blog: Myrtle the Mannequin. My mom has had her up in the attic for as long as I can remember, but she used to be an unappealing plastic flesh-colored creepy thing until I decoupaged tissue paper and vintage patterns to her. But more on that below. (PS-- I am the kid on the top left.) :)

Split Colors Cardigan

Myrtle models my newest DIY, a split-color court jester cardigan, tutorial here. I first saw this idea on The Clothes Horse but never got around to sewing my own. You can also buy the cardigan from Etsy from Neneee. For the Anthropologie inspired necklace, my mom and sister followed this tutorial and gave it to me for graduation. :)

And now to Myrtle, Before:
Decoupage Mannequin -- Before

Decoupage Mannequin

I've wanted a dress form for a while because I'm just not as good a model as Kendi or Tessa, I actually kind of hate taking outfit photos! But I love making things... So I'll just make the mannequin do all the hard work. :) Sometimes I'll do the modeling, because... well... Myrtle has no legs.

Decoupage Mannequin
So with some decoupage...

Decoupage Mannequin
Vintage patterns, and a paint brush...

Decoupage Mannequin

Decoupage Mannequin
A soon to be frequenter of this blog. :)

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