Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Morphed Polaroids

Morphed Polaroid, Self-Portrait
I bought a Polaroid camera a few months ago and there were still a few untaken photos in the film that was still in the camera. So I took what was left and was completely surprised by what came out. These photos are one of the reasons why I love the medium-- Polaroids can be so unpredictable, yet still a little magical. The trick is to have no specific expectations, you just have to appreciate what the camera and film give you because sometimes it is uncontrollable.

Morphed Polaroid, Kappa
My house from February.

Morphed Polaroid, Flowers
A flower arrangement, except the flash on the camera overexposed it a bit. Now the photo looks a little like alien vomit or something. :)

(All taken with a Polaroid One Step AF)

Monday, June 6, 2011


Life has been a bit busy lately--
Hollandsburg, IN
Finishing my nonfiction thesis on the 1977 murders in Hollandsburg, IN... (Photo was taken with my Polaroid 103 on Fujifilm 100-b)

Eating watermelon...

Friday the 13th, Covered Bridge
Trying to find haunted covered bridges on Friday the 13th...

Smelling tulips...

Patty Murphy Party @ SAE
Attending funeral-themed frat parties... (tutorial on how to do the heart cutout on my dress)


Going to Vegas...


Meeting Eric Stonestreet (AKA Cam from Modern Family) in a casino and making a fool of myself by walking by him repeatedly until I gained the courage to approach him with my friend...


Etsy Application
And sending out applications to lots of places. I stitched letters to accompany this cover letter and resume to Etsy-- if that doesn't work I'll just pack up a couple of Polaroid cameras and hang them around my neck, sit on my old-fashioned bicycle, bring some of my sister's delicious Nutella cupcakes, and knit outside Etsy's door. Someone would notice me, right? Either that or someone will mug me and take all the chocolate cupcakes.

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