Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DIY Heart Cutout

Heart Cutout Leopard Dress
I have been SO busy with school this semester-- my last semester! And I haven't had much time to finish DIYs... only a few here and there. this is my favorite so far this semester, and it is easy to do. Just some ironing, pinning, and stitching. :)

Heart Cutout Leopard Dress

You need:
     -Dress (preferably not jersey knit, stiffer fabrics work best)
     -some sort of ribbon, lace, something to pin around the edges of the cutout heart.
     -sewing machine

First, I taped off the dress so that I could draw a proper heart to the right size. I cut out the heart and pinned the lace around the edges (with the tape still on). Then I sewed around the edges, took off the tape, and ironed down the lace and heart. Easy!

Heart Cutout Leopard Dress

Heart Cutout on Leopard Dress

Owl necklace
Owl necklace, again. :)

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