Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day + My Room

What I wore to a Valentine's party on Saturday! I found the 2 yards of pink polka dotted fabric and it was the perfect amount to make a circle skirt. Here is the tutorial I used-- it was SO easy! I made the skirt in about an hour.


I also painted these shoes a while back, they used to be dark magenta, but I wanted pink shoes. I might repaint them later if I get tired of this color. :P

This is what I wore today, a little more class appropriate. I just took two little foam heart stickers and attached bobby pins to the back to pin them to my dress for the day.

collage 2
Dr. Pepper can flowers that my roommate's boyfriend made her.

I've  been so busy this semester moving into a new room and catching up with friends... plus we had a huge ice storm and school was cancelled. For TWO days.

And we skated on the ice.

And decorated our room:

Left: Best idea I've had-- attaching all my hair flowers to a scarf and hanging them. Easy access for when I want to wear them.

Right: My first doll named Baby. Usually she creeps my friends out, but she grows on people. :)





Polaroids and my glass head from a flea market. I might make a terrarium out of the head or something, it'd be so cool to have plants growing inside the head!

And the place I'm going to next weekend-- Parke County. One of my favorite places!

Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day! I'm off to do homework. 

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