Friday, December 9, 2011

Five Things: Grey, Furry, and Clear

Ever since I started working at the scarf store, the scarf chickadees have introduced me to some jaw-dropping blogs. One of them is Cupcakes and Cashmere. She does these amazing little posts centered around "Five Things" ...and... well... I kind of wanted to do some too. ;)

Furry Hat
My glass head. Dressed for the weather.

Crystal Skull Vodka (mini)
My little glass head. Originally a Crystal Skull Vodka mini bottle, a friend gave it to me when I was in New York. I've actually been looking on Ebay for a large skull bottle for about a year because I wanted to put flowers in it and revel in the irony.

Abominable Snowman
One of my favorite Christmas decorations. He cackles and sings.

Owl salt and pepper Shakers
Pair of owl salt and pepper shakers. Got these little birds at the Greencastle Goodwill.

Furry Eskimo Doll
My furry Alaskan Eskimo doll. My grandma bought it for me when she was in Alaska and it was one of the last things she ever gave me before she died in 2000.

Furry Eskimo Doll
It's even got little booties. :)

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booksphotographsandartwork said...

That is so sweet about the doll your grandmother gave you. I have a French doll that one of my grandmothers gave me.

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