Sunday, December 18, 2011

DIY Heart Cutout Dress

DIY Heart Cutout Dress

I posted about how to do this heart cutout dress a while back, but I never got around to properly photographing any of the dresses that I've created heart-shaped chunks in. :) (Three so far.) I need to graduate to other shapes.

DIY Heart Cutout Dress

One reason I love the dress cutouts is because you can put different patterned shirts underneath the dress and it creates an entirely new look. This dress can be a Christmas dress with a sequin shirt or a Valentine's Day dress with a red shirt.

DIY Heart Cutout Dress

I am also wearing my DIY Jeffrey Campbell wedges here. (Eep! I'm also missing a thumb tack!) ;)


You can create these cutouts in any shape and put it anywhere on your clothes. Heck, you can even cut some hearts out on the wrists of a shirt and tell people you wear your heart on your sleeve. ;) Too much? (These cutouts also work well with the backs of dresses.)

For this project you need:
Dress (preferably not jersey knit, stiffer fabrics work best)
Some sort of ribbon, lace, something to pin around the edges of the cutout heart.
Sewing machine & Iron

I would say the skill level needed for a heart cutout is basic, but you have to have pins. You also need to pay close attention to the details.

Step 1: Lay out some tape over the area where you want to cut a heart. Draw the heart (or whatever shape) on top of the tape and then cut on your line.

Heart Cutout Leopard Dress
(Sorry that the demonstration photo doesn't match the actual dress. Sometimes I get so excited with a project that I forget to photograph it through the process. :))

Step 2: With the tape still on, (It keeps the fabric from moving.) pin the lace around the edges of the fabric. The lace will prevent fraying and makes the heart cutout a bit sturdier. After you pin the lace around the heart, then you can sew it on.

Step 3: You can pick off the tape after you've sewn on the lace. This is a little tricky, but I found the tape really, really helps keep everything in place. :)

And Voila! You've got your heart dress!

DIY Heart Cutout Dress

Next time you see a dress in a thrift store with a high neckline, add a heart! Or two. Or three. ;)


  1. This is darling - I saw a picture once of a dress just like this but now I can easily make one for myself! Thanks!

  2. Fantastic dress, haven't seen the DIY yet but I am going to click to that next. Your outfit is great too, love the shoe combo with that dress. Just all around great job!!

  3. I've been waiting for a tutorial like this!! SO excited to use it, thank you!

  4. I am almost giddy for the local thrift shop to open so I can try this out! Love it....

  5. Love it!!

  6. What a great DIY post!!! I love it ^___^
    I have a dress perfect for this tutorial.

    This is my blog about sewing,fashion and vintage!

  7. Oh dear, this is so adorable! The striped tee looks great underneath!
    Erin @

  8. had to see this! it's ridiculously cute Stacie. way to work your magic and also the tacky shoes, ACE. ♥


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