Friday, December 2, 2011

DIY Feather Hair Extensions


I've had feathers in my hair since April and I absolutely love them. They behave just like my actual hair-- they can be curled with the curling iron and dried with the hair dryer. Even though over the summer I watched every 8-year-old girl I know become my pink, orange, and blue fine-feathered friends,

DIY Feather Hair Extensions
(I just like all feathers, actually.) :)

So before these hackle feathers became a hair trend, they were used by fly fishermen for bait. Ever heard of "tying flies?" Yeah, they use these feathers to do that. My fly-fisherman friend (who lived and worked in Montana all summer) told me a funny story about a man in Montana who owns a fishing store. He refuses to sell anyone feathers if they are going to use them for their hair-- or if they plan on selling the feathers to people who will use them in their hair. So this fishing shop owner quizzes and grills his feather-buying customers until he is sure they will be using the hackle only for fishing. Hahaha... :)

To add the feather hair extensions yourelf, you need:

Feathers. I got mine on Ebay and I also bought the little beads there as well. (Just search for hair extension beads.
Little piece of wire.

DIY Feather Hair Extensions

Step 1: First you need to divide a tiny section of hair where you want to put your feather extension. It does not have to be large, just make sure that you are pulling hairs from the same spot. You don't want your hair to get tangled later because you pulled sections of hair that are a bit far from where your extension is. Take your wire and wrap it around your section of hair.
DIY Feather Hair Extensions

Step 2: Now you need to slide the bead down on the two sides of wire and pull your hair through the bead.
DIY Feather Hair Extensions

Step 3: Next you slide the feathers into the bead. I usually put 3 or 4 feathers in one bead. You might want someone to help here, it can get a little tricky with just you. After you slide your feathers in, you want to get the bead as close to your scalp as possible with a little bit of the feathers sticking out the other end so that they don't slip out.
DIY Feather Hair Extensions

That's it! It's actually really easy to put the feathers in and take them out. Then you don't have to spend a fortune at the salon! Search around for the feathers you want on Ebay-- you can usually find a really good deal!

DIY Feather Hair Extensions

DIY Feather Hair Extensions

PS-- This yellow scarf is the softest scarf, ever. :)


tiny dancer said...

Oooo I really like how you took the feather hair extension trend and made it completely your own. I haven't seen anyone use multiple feathers before - it looks great in your hair! thanks for posting this!


Alyssa - Live, Love, Craft said...

I was just looking up micro crimp beads and feathers yesterday {I'm asking for them for Christmas} and then you made this post... :D you're amazing at reading my mind haha! Could you give me a link to the shop you bought your feathers at maybe? i've had a hard time finding feathers i like {which happen to be just like the ones you have!}


Lindsay {Shrimp} said...

Stacie - love your DIYs and am terribly impressed at how many you're able to crank out! I consider myself a success if I manage to get one a week!!!

I've included one of yours here in my Friday Faves:

Thanks for the lovely inspiration!

- Lindsay

Inna said...

Wow, these look amazing! Love them curled.

September said...

You know.. Not to be a downer or anything, but these are really pretty horrible. The birds from which these feathers are harvested are killed just for the feathers. It's really just kind of awful.

Debrah said...

Totally in agreement with September's comment. Those feathers are ripped right out of birds. Can you imagine how that hurts? Pull some hair out of your head and then imagine that same pain over your whole body. Watch a video about where 'down' comes from. It will make you ill. Poor birds.

Amanda Blanchard said...

Can you wash the feathers in your hair in the shower? Or do you have to take them out?

Tricia said...

This is pure animal cruelty. Just as bad as wearing the furs of animals on the verge of extinction. I suppose all I can say is that you know no better...

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