Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fabric Flower Headband DIY

DIY Flower Headband

If I had to choose one thing to make over and over and over again, it would have to be fabric flowers. Of course it would be a tough choice between glitterizing every purse I have... I still think I would always choose fabric flowers. (And I have no idea why there would be some evil crafter out there that would give me such an ultimatum, but just go with me.) :)

From flowers made of zippers, fabric flowers on skirts, fabric flowers on shirts, it's safe to say I like flowers. A little.

For this project you need:
Fabric strips
Hot Glue Gun
Some sort of fabric that won't fray. (Felt, wool, jersey.)
DIY Flower Headband

This tutorial is a bit easier to understand through video.

PS- I need some better muzak forealz.

DIY Flower Headband
And then you get this!

DIY Flower Headband
You can also make these flowers into belt embellishments, corsages, hair clips, anything really. I might add some of these little guys to a shirt soon. :)

DIY Flower Headband

To all of my flower-loving kindred spirits out there, I've pinned about a bazillion flowers in my DIY Fashion board on Pinterest. Also, I posted about the yellow flower headband in the tutorial video here. (I made the yellow flower with the same technique as this pink flower. :))

7 comments: said...

Wow, that's really lovely! Who knew a couple scraps of fabric could become such a pretty headband!


El Queso amargado said...

I love it!!! thanks for you tutorial, I will put it into practice :)

Justine said...

Fabulous!! Love it, thanks for the tutorial. Definitely Pinned!

Tracy said...

adorable! and going on my tshirt scarf i made the other day ;) XO.

Rebecca - A Daily Something said...

This is beautiful, Stacie! A great Christmas present idea :)

Miss Mayra said...

this is soo wonderful. thank you for sharing

Brenda Smith said...

I love this... i don't normally wear head bands... but my friend and I are going in and getting our heads shaved for charity and I will need something for my bald head to make it look more feminine. lol thanks for the tips and hope mine turn out as cute as yours!

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