Monday, November 14, 2011

DIY Glitter Accent Purse

DIY Glitter Details on Purse

I am on such a glitter kick-- it is so fun and I can't stop! I got this purse from my work on "Giveaway Day" where we get to take home one of the damaged or returned products. The awesome thing is that there isn't much wrong with this purse, the zipper is a little finicky but that's it.

It's great for a work bag because I am one of those people who brings a TON of stuff wherever I go. My packmule tendencies have been worse lately because I've taken to running during my lunch hour since it is almost stinking midnight-light by the time I get home from work. (Darn you, daylight savings!) I HATE running inside without fresh air, birds, and passing scenery and this bag is great because I can pack my lunch AND my running clothes.

DIY Glitter Details on Purse

Unfortunately this purse is out of stock on, but there is another doctor satchel that I think would look really good with a glitter embellishment at the top. You can always prowl your local Goodwill and find a cool bag to decorate-- although if anyone glitterfies a vintage Coach purse or something, I am internet disowning them.

What you need: (Not much.)
Glitter DIY-2

This purse is really not hard to make. First you need to tape off the area around the soon-to-be glitterfied section. Everyone loves a glitterization, but the glitter's gotta stay where the glitter's supposed to stay. ;)

Glitter DIY-1

Next you mix the glitter and the Mod Podge (I say half and half ratio?) and cake the glitter glue on. I mean CAKE it on. You don't want the purse to show through, and you can rarely have too much glitter, right? (But seriously, it will take a lot less time if you cake it on.) You can do multiple layers if needed.

Glitter DIY-3

DIY Glitter Details on Purse

Voila! And that glitter's not going anywhere.

DIY Glitter Details on Purse

Cameo Necklace

Pair it with some sequins and you are ready to go. (And this is probably as close to neutrals as I get in terms of dressing.)

DIY Glitter Details on Purse


陈洋 said...

wow!!! super beautiful!

Whitney said...

I really really like your blog.

Today I finished glitterizing a pair of high heels and I love this idea!

Thanks for sharing.


oonaballoona said...

you come up with the coolest ideas. (and that website is CRACK. i want to work where you work.) said...

LOVE this, Stacie! I'm on a glitter kick, too :)

Naan Pocen said...

Oh Wow! Quite creative!! I saw something similar (on a shoe) that I thought of trying out This will be the perfect match for it.

karboojeh said...

Love the glittery touch you added to the purse!

I just came out of a long obsession with glitter (after consciously talking myself out of it), I'm afraid your blog just sparked it back! Great ideas!

aiyana jane said...

love this!! i made a glitter clutch a little while ago, i agree, everything is better with sparkle!

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