Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DIY Deer Photo Holder

Deer Photo Holder
I made this little guy last January but never got around to photographing him properly. (I just didn't do him justice before.)

I bought the little deer for .50 at a flea market in town. The DIY is pretty easy, but might be a little tricky the first time you make one.

Deer Photo Holder

You need:
Plastic animal
Magnets (the stronger the better)
Hot glue gun
Cotton balls if animal is hollow, or stuffing of choice

Step 1: First you need to cut the animal in half. Keep in mind the angle at which the photo will be displayed. You don't want your photo to face forward!

Step 2: If your animal is hollow, you can fill it in with hot glue and cotton balls just so that the magnet will have a wider spot to be glued to in the end. Alternate hot glue and stuffing, (you can use newspaper too).

Step 3: After your animal is stuffed, just glue the magnet to both sides of the cut open body. I used a strip of magnets and cut them to size. I am no science person, but my magnets were polarized differently so I had to rotate them around to see where they stuck together the best.

And voila! You can turn your animal around for a cheekier photo holder.

Deer Photo Holder
Deer bum. ;)

Polaroid SX-70

I took the Polaroid of Times Square with this little pup of a camera. I wrote about Tommy the Polaroid SX-70 a while back as well.

Happy crafting my fellow crafty crafters. ;)


jessiebubz99 said...

That looks great:-)xx

Kitty said...

Ummm HILARIOUSLY cute idea. Absolutely precious...think of the possibilities!

Woolgathering and Collect said...

This will be great christmas gifts!

Iva said...

What a fabulous idea! I agree with Woolgathering and Collect, I'll definitely be making a couple of these for my friends. I think I'll go with the T-Rex for maximum effect, although he is somewhat... vertical.:) And polaroid pictures do seem to work so well here. Thank you for sharing!:)

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