Thursday, October 20, 2011

T-Shirt Necklace DIY

T-Shirt Necklace DIY

T-Shirt Necklace Check out what my mom made! My mom has been pinning on Pinterest like crazy and she has come up with some pretty cool projects and recipes lately. She made a necklace for herself like this and decided to make another to try her luck with Etsy. Perhaps she's seen me plugging away at my little store for the entirety of 2011 and thought that she could do better because:

a) She taught me everything I know. (Except for computers. I would have to say I taught her 70% of what she knows.) It's an equal trade-off, right?

Mom: "Here Stacie, I'll give you life and all the survival and crafty skills you need."
Me: "Thanks Mom. Now here's how you use Pinterest."
Mom: "Ooh, I like this Pin-Interest thing."
Me: "No mom, PINterest. Not pin-in. No, Mom, no, scroll with two fingers, not your palm. No! Mom, you sign into Facebook in the corner. NO! That's the delete button!"

and b) My mom is much better at project execution. Again. Except for computers. And electronics. Like remotes and Xbox controllers. Which surprisingly have to be turned on in order for them to work? Who knew.

T-Shirt Necklace

T-Shirt Necklace

T-Shirt Necklace

To make this necklace:

1. You need to cut thin strips of jersey knit and tug on them so they curl up. You can cut as many strips as you want, this will just determine the thickness of your necklace. You can either cut circles of jersey knit or you can stitch the ends of the strips together to make the necklace loop.

2. Take your necklace chains and put them in the mix with the t-shirt loops.

3.. Take two or three strips and wrap them around specific spots on the necklace where you think they look good. Then stitch the ends of the strips into place. Voila! That's it. :)

You can buy the necklace in my Etsy store here.


Aranka said...

Good idea and a nice creation.

weird amiga said...

Neat necklace!!
And what a precious little vignette you've shared, you and your mom making sense of the pinterex...

noxcreare said...

very very nice creation...

mayceegreene said...

Great job! It turned out so adorable :)

Maycee (CashFund)

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