Monday, October 24, 2011

DIY Glitter Lamp Shade

Glitter Lampshade

DIY Glitter Lamp Shade
One of my favorite DIY's yet-- it was about time little Pidwidgeon got a lampshade. I've had him since last October and he's been beloved but naked all this time. I know I have a lot of prized possessions, but I truly love this lamp. This rabbit might compete-- but the rabbit does not have a twin (Errol) that belongs to my dear friend Kelsey. (Also, the fact that the pair of owls cost $2.50 each at the Berry Street Flea Market in Greencastle, IN definitely adds to their charm.)
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I feel I have to note that those are not my hands, they are my little brother's. Although I did grow up raising sheep... and my nickname in basketball used to be "Bulldozer"... and I can bend a fork with my bare hands... the manly hands in that GIF are not mine. :)
DIY Glitter Lamp Shade
DIY Glitter Lamp Shade
What you need: You need: (Not much.) Glitter, Mod Podge, a brush of sorts, little dish for Mod Podge, newspaper, and a lampshade. I got mine at Goodwill for $4.

Directions: All you have to do is pour about 1/4 cup of Mod Podge into a little dish. I used a butter dish. Then pour a LOT of glitter into the Mod Podge. I mean like an ounce. The Mod Podge should still stir like glue. Then take your brush and paint on the lamp shade. I had to do about 3 coats, you don't want to put too much on to block all the light, but you do want to cover all the huge holes. Then let it dry, and you're done!
DIY Glitter Lamp Shade
DIY Glitter Lamp Shade
See what I mean by the prized possessions? I'm like a regular old Indiana crow over here. Shiny stuff. Yeah. Go make your own. :)


  1. wow that is a bad@$$ lamp! my gmal gave me a ceramic nic-nac just like it. I spray painted it lavendar. I wonder if I could convert it into a lamp then make a glitter shade for it? hmm.....


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