Sunday, November 21, 2010

DIY Boots

DIY Boots
Earlier this year I found huge bag of leather circles at Goodwill for 4$-- !!!. I had these camel colored boots that were so cheap looking that I rarely wore them so I decided to cover them with the leather scraps.

I used superglue and scissors... and that's about it. They're holding up relatively well, sometimes I have to reglue spots. :) I really like how the circles created this scalloped effect.

This weekend, my friends and I went to a nearby town-- SMALL town-- called Rockville. I love this town so much. It is so quiet and there are no big chains of any type-- only really cool antique stores and old buildings. (There's also a strange tavern/pub thing with more taxidermied animals than I've seen in my entire life... weeeird.)

Cameos in Rockville, IN
Some cameos from Aunt Patty's antique store. I got a sweet old hat here.

Rockville, IN

Rockville, IN

Also in Rockville, my friends helped me with my photography project. I took the real photos I will use for my project on black and white film, but these are some of the digital photos I took as well.

Rockville, IN

Rockville, IN

Rockville, IN

Rockville, IN

Harry Potter in Rockville

And so is my friend Jackie who dressed up with me.

Hedwig and Errol
Hedwig and Errol.

Messengers. :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Scan 102880004_2
Edna Collins Covered Bridge Polaroid (Haunted Bridge, supposedly)-- Greencastle, IN

Below are some scans of leaves I picked up while walking-- they're so detailed. It is kind of sad to me that I ignore the leaves on the ground usually, they are always quite nice and colorful.
Scan 102990005

Scan 102990004

Scan 102990000

Scan 102990003

These scans are quite fun-- I might try to do a series of scanning things I find on the ground. :)
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