Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More NY Polaroids

Times Square Polaroid
Times Square

Riverside Church Polaroid
Riverside Church

I love these colors.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Polaroid 103 Land Camera

My new camera from Ebay! 2$ plus 5$ shipping... Pretty good deal. I had to do a little battery surgery to make the camera take AA batteries, but it works wonderfully now! Here is a link to the battery modification that I used.

The camera takes Fujifilm that I got on Amazon. It is so exciting to be able to buy film that is currently made at a decent price! (Films that the camera takes: Fujifilm FP-100B, FP-100C, and FP-3000B)

Radio tower.

Radio tower with Nikon D40.







Cotton candy sky.

... and I love cameras. More 103 pictures to come. :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chanel Wedges

My "new" wedges-- actually just old ones that I painted. :) Also with my Polaroid 103 Land Camera, but I'm saving that little guy for another post.

I painted these shoes for a trip to Cincinnati with my Mom, sister, aunt, and cousin, (and also because they had stains on them). I bought the shoes in NYC for 10$ at Urban Outfitters. When I was in Cincinnati, we walked through Sak's and I saw THESE shoes on the display--

(photo from here) Minus the rope and the logo, they look the same! So then the shoes became my Chanel wedges... It's the closest thing I'll ever have to anything Chanel... Unless it's nail polish... Or thrifted :P

This awesome barn is right across the street from my house.




From the Cincinnati trip-- Cousin Laura, Sister Natalie, Me

Tutorial= soon. :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Town in Polaroids, Part 2

The Artcraft
The Artcraft-- an old, supposedly haunted, movie theater. I love going to see movies here.

Old Main, Franklin College
Franklin College, Old Main

The Line
"The Line" on Herriot Street-- this is where we started and ended runs at cross country practice everyday.

*All taken with Polaroid Spirit Camera on 600 film.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Black Flower Scarf DIY

Black Flower Scarf
A scarf I made while in NY and never got around to posting. I bought the scarf in Chinatown and then added the flowers-- it actually is much thicker and more durable than the photo makes it look, the sun was shining through the fabric. I angled the flowers in an arc because I wanted them to look random all over the scarf when it is around my neck... like this:


Black Flower Scarf

Black Flower Scarf

Black Flower Scarf
Remember these shoes? The flowers for the scarf are exactly the same as my shoes! Here is that post and tutorial. :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Town in Polaroids, Part 1

Courthouse in Franklin, Indiana. I love this town and especially the courthouse. To me my courthouse, and all small town courthouses, are American majesties-- the closest thing to castles we have in our young country.

I've had a wonderful summer of working, learning, and snapping pictures. I haven't been reading as many works of literary merit as I should but I've been devouring books, manuals, and websites on photography-- including the textbook I just got for my photography class this fall. Last summer was a summer of sewing, this summer is the summer of snapping. :)

Franklin, Indiana
City Hall. Great color.

Courthouse from the bridge by the park. I can't tell you how many times I've run on these sidewalks. Alone, with teammates... I always love this view.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

From the Meadow

Flower shirt I made today. There is some definite Anthropologie influence here.
T-shirt: Walmart.
Fabric for flowers: laundry bags from 99 cent store in Harlem. :P

Flowers for a Tshirt


I also got this leather skirt this week from Goodwill. It was longer and I cut it off and then used superglue and clothespins to hem it. Super easy and this skirt fits me PERFECTLY. This Goodwill had an amazing stash of leather coats, pants, and skirts. :)

Leather Skirt

Super easy tutorial link is coming as soon as they publish my project on CutoutandKeep. :)
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