Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm Home!

And now I have a scanner to scan my Polaroids. :D

Flatiron Building, NYC
Flatiron Building, NYC

I am in love with the blues of Polaroid pictures. I am going to paint an entire house that color someday.

So-- last three weeks have been crazy.

3 weeks ago: I was working at CBS and traipsing around NYC.
2 weeks ago: I was working in Orlando for the SAP business conference as a production assistant. And going to a free Santana concert.
♪Back hoooome again in INDIANA ♫ I'm back. Ready for a summer of crafting, camp counseling, picture taking, regular blog posting, Harry Potter reading, car driving awesomeness.

I do miss NY though! I do not miss trying to get all my stuff home from the semester. You try getting to JFK airport with 2 50lb suitcases, a backpack full of books (too heavy for suitcases, would have been overweight) and a duffle bag full of gadgets and running shoes. Yuck City.

Trees-- Orlando, FL
Trees-- Orlando, FL (Look at what humidity does to the crazy Impossible Project's film! I am not entirely sure I like the humidity effect, although I am obsessed with another photo I took with Impossible Project film. I'll be putting up Polaroids every week or so. I sure do love Polaroids.)

PS-- Right now I am in the middle of like 5 books, but I am loving the biography of Edwin Land, creator of Polaroid, master of a gazillion patents, extremely intense dude. Book = Insisting on the Impossible

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A picture an hour...

Yesterday I rode a bike all over Manhattan... and it was wonderful. You can bike anywhere in this city.

11 AM-- walking to get the bike.

12 PM-- going through Riverside Park to get to trail along Hudson River.

12:10 PM-- Trail, Hudson, Jersey... in that order.

1 PM-- rode to George Washington Bridge (103 street to 181 street)...

1:01 PM-- ... to take pictures of the Little Red Lighthouse in the sunshine.

2 PM-- Rode back from 181st street to 96th street and got a bagel and charged my phone and wrote down what I did the past few days.

3 PM-- took train from 96th street to South Ferry, the southern tip of Manhattan. I was going to ride down there, but the wind was insane and I thought it would be awesome to have at my back when I ride back up... I was right. I barely had to pedal, the wind was carrying me!

3:05 PM-- at South Ferry... lots of TV reporters around because one of the ferries didn't stop soon enough at Staten Island and crashed into the dock. Oops. I wonder if the insane wind had anything to do with it?

3:09 PM-- boat near South street... I was getting a little frustrated with tourists walking in the bike lane at this point.

3:30 PM-- Brooklyn Bridge. I went to a lot of trouble to take a Polaroid of the bridge and I was ready to strangle some tourists. I was behind a guy on the way back down the bridge and a tourist was in the bike lane and the guy screamed, "YOU'RE IN THE WRONG LANE, STUPID!" Harsh? Yes. Did I appreciate it? Oh yes. New Yorkers come in handy sometimes.

4 PM-- on boardwalk path. SO windy. I got so much dust in my eyes. And I wear glasses.

4:02 PM-- Wind.

4:45 PM-- At the Frying Pan restaurant that my internship host took the other intern and I to last week... And I didn't bring my camera... so I went back.

4:46 PM-- Such a cool restaurant, its like they plopped chairs, tables, and a bar on an old boat and didn't really straighten anything up. There is no over-sanitized feel to the place and I love it. Right on the Hudson.

4:48 PM-- Ropes.

5:00 PM-- No idea what this was, but it was 5 o'clock and time for a picture.

5:01 PM-- trusty bike.

6 PM-- Kite.

6:30 PM-- I brought the bike back to its owner and when she saw me she started laughing and insisted on taking my picture. I didn't realize how dweeby I looked. She let me borrow the shorts, too. Thank goodness because riding with jeans would have been difficult.

Then we went out to dinner and it was delicious.

9 PM-- walking back from 112 street to home. :)

Good day!
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