Monday, April 26, 2010

Cheetah Shoes

Cheetah Shoes DIY

I received these shoes last fall and have been to add something to them for ages. The shoes are the simple cotton mary janes that you can find on ebay or Urban Outfitters for about 10$.

Cheetah Shoes DIY

To make the flowers, see this tutorial. :)

Cheetah Shoes DIY

Princeton University
I wore the shoes around everywhere when I was visiting Princeton...

Other outings:
Wonder Wheel
Coney Island!

Coney Island

Coney Island is so fascinating to me, I have been learning so much about it lately. There is this guy at work in archives who grew up in NY and he tells me all these stories about Coney Island in the good 'ol days... How it used to be the theme park in the country... like Disney World.

Coney Island
But over the years the park has fallen apart. There were some projects built right behind Coney Island, (see above) and what was once a huge bustling landmark...

New York Coney Island now withering away. But-- Coney Island is being rebuilt. The thing is, I kind of like the repulsive yet fascinating look of the place. It is definitely one of my favorite places that I've taken pictures.

Coney Island
Old parachute drop ride, also called the "Eiffel Tower of Brooklyn"

Coney Island

Coney Island Beach

Q Train in Brooklyn
Q train in Brooklyn, I loved this train ride, it was all above ground. It felt like I was riding into another place far away from NYC, everything looks so different in Brooklyn.

Promenade in Brooklyn Heights
Promenade in Brooklyn Heights, best view of Manhattan and if you look close, Lady Liberty

Promenade in Brooklyn Heights
I've gotten some great Polaroids lately, I'll share when I have a scanner again in Indiana!

Empire State + Moon

Riverside Church
And back to my room, with the Christmas lights reflecting in the window over Riverside Church.

Towel Animals
Go here.

PS-- Anyone want to know how to make towel animals? :D Go here. Great prank to do to a roommate!

PPS-- Oh! And I've got my Etsy shop back up with some fork bracelets if anyone is interested. :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Meet My Cameras

gif maker

(*drumroll) These are some of my most prized possessions, my cameras! While in NYC, my camera family has doubled. New York really inspires me to take pictures all the time, there are so many times in the day where I see patterns, buildings, people, textures, even just a boring old snapshot that I always wish I had my camera attached to my palm.

I'll start with the newest addition to my camfam: My POLAROID SX-70!

Polaroid SX-70

I love, love, love this little guy so much even though his film is a bit pricey these days. This camera was actually my Deedo's, (grandpa) and when I was planning on going to the Impossible Project's press release, I asked him if he still had his. If you know the amount of stuff my Deedo has, it is amazing that he found it. And it is in PRISTINE condition.

Polaroid SX-70

Name of Polaroid SX-70: "Tommy" (In honor of my Deedo :))

Polaroid SX-70

The coolest thing about this camera is that it is the original Polaroid Camera. In 1972 when it came out, it sold for $200. And you could buy a car for $3,000. This was one expensive camera! My grandpa said that it was given to him in the '70s from his parents. I told him that I looked the camera up on Ebay and although most Polaroid cameras are worthless and made of plastic, the original, leather-covered SX-70 goes for $100.

Deedo: "You gotta be kiddin' me. Well, You can sell it if you'd like."
Me: (*Sputtering) "Whaaat?! No!!! I'm taking pictures with it!"
Deedo: "Really." (Chuckles)

My great-grandparents never could have known how much joy their great-granddaughter would get from this camera... 40 years later. When my mom sent it to me I was dancing and jumping around my dorm room. Seriously. (Thank you!!!)

Polaroid SX-70

Flat as a pancake, heavy as a brick, full of magical gadgets. After going to the Impossible Project's press release and studying Polaroid cameras and going through pages, and pages, and pages of Polaroids on Flickr, I am in love.

Minus the fact that these little filmy guys...
...cost me way too much money. But I love the fact that I am painfully planning every one of my shots. And the sound that Polaroid makes when it comes out... Mmmm.

Next up: My Holga
Her name: "Holga" (Creative, I know.)


Holgas are cheap, plastic cameras that are used for lomography and getting strange, surprising photos. Their flaws, much like the Polaroids, are what makes the photos unique and interesting.

I got this camera from the B&H Photo Superstore here in NY. This store is so crazy, it was 3 stories and enormous. You go to a counter and there are robotic tracks that bring whatever you asked for to the salesperson. Then the salesperson puts the camera on the robotic walkway thing again and you go down, pay, and then pick up your purchase. So many gadgets and robots everywhere in that store.

Holga, before :)

My Holga started like this, but I used white electrical tape and clear nail polish and made her into a zebra.



I love winding old Holga after taking a picture. Not quite as fun as the Polaroid, though.

ipod matches holga

Holga matches my white Tiger Ipod...

Next up: My Nikon D40 with his Tamron 17-50mm wide-angle lens.
Answers to: "My Camera" (He's so important, its like being called "Boss" or "Jefe")

my lil nikon

He knows hes the best, I love this guy. He's made me learn so much about taking photos.

Last up, the oldest, lil' trooper of a camera, Canon Powershot SD1100 IS
Name: Stitch II (I gave Stitch I to a very good home, as he took many thousands of pictures for me in high school and early college but was becoming a little tired from my many demands. Stitch I, now retired, takes a few pictures a month and I think he is quite happy.

gif maker

canon powershot sd 1100

Why Stitch I & II you ask? Because they live in Stitch, of course!

my camera bag. most prized possession

I got Stitch in Disney World when I was 17. Best $7 I ever spent. Stitch the bag is also one of my most prized possessions. I have carried him everywhere and he never stops giving his rabid grin.

Also, my favorite photography books. I've studied these books like crazy and the more knowledge I've retained, the more excited I get about some of the pictures I take. I recommend these books to anyone who likes colorful books and glossy pages.
Best Photo books!
The Photographer's Eye by Michael Freeman-- definitive book on digital photography, or so I've read. I just love that this book doesn't talk about technical details of cameras, instead it shows how to compose pictures.

Hot Shots by Kevin Meredith-- more fun, lots of ideas for young photographers, cheap tricks. Actually a hard book to find online. I've seen it in Urban Outfitters but I got it in a Borders. I went to 3 of them before I found it, though. (Did I mention I love NY? ) :)

There are only 2 cameras from my life missing here... the original 35mm film camera my Grandma gave me when I was like 10 and my old Canon Powershot SD 450 (Stitch I)... that I gave to my boyfriend. Isn't it crazy that these chunks of metal, plastic, and glass document our lives? When I get home I am going to try and find that old 35mm that my grandma gave me. :) and I'm totally swiping my parent's old Konica 35mm SLR.


Monday, April 5, 2010

DIY Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

DIY Jeffrey Campbell "Tick" Shoes


A while back I saw this post on Outsapop and I've been searching for a pair of shoes to use! I finally found a pair at Urban Outfitters for 10$ on clearance and I went out and got some thumbtacks. (600 of them!)

Inspired by: Jeffrey Campbell's "Tick"

via Lori's Shoes



Apparently it is super difficult to find fabric paint in NYC so I had to order some online. As I was looking through the colors, I couldn't resist the turquoise. :)




Before-- I also used the Craft Glue I received from Eclectic Products. :)




Here's a link to my tutorial! Happy DIY'ing! :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

"It's Black, It's White, Whoo!"

-- Michael Jackson

I have a new obsession-- black and white stripes. Vertical, horizontal, who cares! I think this stems mostly from the fact that I love the way my flowers look on b&w... ha. But also I think they are the most aesthetically pleasing complementary colors. I love how another color will POP next to b&w and look so cool. Or maybe I've been watching too much Lost? :P


This dress was made from 2 LAUNDRY BAGS! It cost 3$. Easiest dress ever, anyone can make it. I will explain later.


(One moment-- have to put my flower back in my hair where it usually dwells.) I love these wool flowers, I've worn them all winter, they seem perfect for every season whereas my synthetic flowers seem only OK in the spring and summertime. Funny story though, a guy at work walked up to me... no greeting, nothing:

Guy: You have a flesh eating flower there.
Me: (first thought: There's a venus fly trap here?) ** I give a puzzled look, I tend to forget what I have pinned into my hair...
Guy: *waves his finger at my hair* Your flower, it is growing out of your head. It must be eating your brains, right?
Me: Ohhh! (*awkward laugh) I suppose so...

It is rather fun to have curly hair though, hair that makes it entirely plausible for a flower to get tangled and just grow in the craziness...



Purple glittery thread to add detail to the bottom and collar...



They got it right in the 50s when it came to shoes.



See how simple? I will have more detailed instructions later on Burdastyle and Cut+Keep, but all I did was stitch together equal strips of b&w and left holes for the head and arms. With a belt, the laundry bag dress has a really cool silhouette. I was very surprised by how well this turned out!


Look at those shadows.


I found the other side of my roof! I love my dorm.



Looking North to the upper tip of Manhattan... Harlem... I love this city.

Also-- went to the show taping last Sunday. I have the coolest internship, ever.


Charles Osgood, the host of CBS Sunday Morning.

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