Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shake it like a Polaroid picture

Polaroid is BACK!

Coney Island via Walk in NY

Sure the colors are off and the image isn't crisp and digital... but it's tangible. It smells. And no one can duplicate it.

On Monday I went to this press release on the future of instant photography. Polaroid film is so fascinating to me-- there are so many chemicals and tiny gizmos involved that it makes your head spin.

And after you press a button you get an image. Like MAGIC. (I'm such a sucker for anything Harry Potter esque in the real world of muggles.)


Timeline of Instant Photography:

1948: First Polaroid Camera sold in Boston

1983: Polaroid has 13,402 employees, made $1.3 billion, more than 1,000 patents

2001: Polaroid files for bankruptcy (D'oh)

2008: Polaroid discontinues film production

Polaroid was in the grave...
A Fresh Grave
via futurowoman

NOT! (Whew, thank goodness.)


October 2008: These guys... (and some others)


...saved the last Polaroid factory in the Netherlands. Started the Impossible Project, Invested 2.5 million EUROS (!@E!) and in 2 days, there will be black and white Polaroids for sale once more.

Granted, the packets are 18$ for 8 photos... and I am severely kicking myself for not buying up tons of film in 2008. :''( But-- each photo will be so precious because everything will be so thought out and planned. Like when I was little and my mom would let me use her camera to take ONE picture of my American Girl Dolls. I dressed those dolls up for an hour and positioned them perfectly in awkward poses for an hour before I snapped that button. But it felt sooooo good.

Last Polaroid Factory in Enschede (Netherlands) via Impossible Project press kit

PS-- my mom is sending me my very own Polaroid camera that I asked my grandpa for. So I gotta get some film. But I will have a camera!!! Thanks Mom :D ... and more of these-- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge


On this dreary weekend full of Nor'easters and sideways rain, I actually ventured up to the upper tip of Manhattan to see The Little Red Lighthouse. (With my new wide angle lens! :D)

The lighthouse sits right under the George Washington Bridge that connects Manhattan to New Jersey over the Hudson River. The lighthouse is the subject of a classic childrens' book, The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge. After I saw the first 2 pages on Amazon, I immediately reserved the book at Borders because there was a lump in my throat from the adorableness of it. The first pages:

"Once upon a time a little lighthouse was built
on a sharp point of the shore on the Hudson
It was round and fat and red.
It was fat and round and jolly.
And it was VERY, VERY PROUD."


"Behind it lay New York City where the people

The thing is, one of the information slates at the lighthouse said that it only had the power of 10 candles. The lighthouse is so wimpy yet "VERY, VERY PROUD." I love it.


The bridge is so enormous and industrial and magnificent. (And scary, too!) I'm sure I'll read this story to my kids someday.


GW Bridge on a more cheerful day-- today! With sunsets like these and weather like today, it feels good to be alive. :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Puppy Store of Greenwich Village

**My dear little Pria, you are going to love some of the photos in this post. ;)

I've decided to include more photography on my blog-- maybe I've been reading too many photography and design books, who knows... but I have become almost equally obsessed with my Nikon D40 and digital post-processing as I am with making stuff. The fun thing about this internet thing of ours is that kind people everywhere make free photo DIYs and websites to make SWEET effects. More on that later after the puppies. I can't hold their adorableness back any longer.


This puppy makes my heart melt every time. I have such a thing for white fluffy pups. **No poodles please, no offense to poodle lovers but the only place I love a poodle is on a skirt. ;) This little guy in the photo was being beat up by a tiny Chihuahua pup. Seriously, why are those little punks so mean?


Puppy butt.

For some reason I find this photo so adorable. As I was looking at this little girl fight with her bed, some guy leaned over to me (he had been watching her for a while, obviously) and said, "She's been doing this for a half hour." I looked back at her 5 minutes later and she was zonked out, hardcore. Her body was on her bed, her head was on the ground. Haha. Bed: 1 Pup: 0


More white fuzzy feistiness.


I've had Labradors all my life-- but for some reason, being in NY I have fallen hardcore for pugs and English Bulldogs. I love their fat, grouchy faces and I love how the bulldogs walk like they are fat sausages with legs.


So I was in Greenwich Village because one of my favorite bloggers, Joanna from A Cup of Jo, was having a "stoop sale." Her blog was the first blog I EVER looked at and it made me fall in love with blogs. I now have tons of blogs I follow, but hers is still the most uplifting and adorable.


Joanna and her husband, Alex, at their "stoop sale." (Whenever I say stoop, I think of Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold and "Stoop Kid"... anyone else?") Both of them were as sweet and adorable as I pictured them. I bought 2 things, 1 book for my dear friend Kitkit and the play Waiting for Godot for myself.

More NY ♥:




And now to the DIY stuff in this post... Miniature faking!

So you probably know that filmmakers use miniatures when they do not want to shoot enormous cityscapes, etc., but creative people are doing the reverse to make real photos and videos look miniature... and I love, love, love it! An example that I've taken:

Manhattan Bridge miniature fake

It looks miniature, right? My mom and sister were here last weekend and we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and I snapped this. THEN,

1. I went to tiltshiftmaker.com
2. Uploaded the photo
3. Adjusted

and voila! There are tutorials on how to do it in Photoshop, but this is so easy. I am hooked.

Check out a sweet New York miniature video with the tilt-shift photography technique-- I am no expert but I assume they sped up the video and just added the filters to the video to make everything seem tiny.

More photos and DIY to come! I promise to stop making such long, large posts and break it up a bit. :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

"The apparition of these faces in the crowd..."

"...Petals on a wet, black bough." -- Ezra Pound

My 3$ I♥NY shirt converted into a slighty cooler version with braids around the collar and sleeves. :) Because I really do ♥ NY! I keep hearing the phrase, "New York is a great place to live and a terrible place to visit." And I totally agree. When you visit, you start at Penn Station, walk to Times Sq., go to Central Park, and Broadway. Well of course it is crazy in those places! The rest of NY is actually much more manageable. This, coming from me and I looked out my bedroom window to corn silos and fields my entire life.

I remember the first time I visited NYC, I left thinking people had to be crazy to live here. I thought everything was too crowded, stinky, and expensive... turns out you just have to be smart. And live in my building. :D But-- it did take me like 2 weeks to find good bananas. And I still haven't found any tomatoes. And I really need to stop buying cheap oranges... they have pointy seeds that poke me in the tongue!

My saddle shoes. These puppies are so fun. Isn't it great to live in 2010 where you can wear shoes from the '50s... listen to music from the '60s and '70s... snicker at the 80s... and still make digital photo animations? Yes. It is fabulous. I ♥ you, Internet. You too, Nikon D40.



Things I'm really lovin' in NY:
Colors, trains, not waiting for the train...

Sunsets over the Hudson.



Roofs. Churches built by Rockefellers.

Not diggin' so much:
Blizzards that make my feet wet all day at work because I don't have practical shoes. (Don't worry, I ordered proper rain boots. I left these in Indiana... in anticipation that they are definitely not work appropriate. But as I look at them I kind of miss their cute little tail on the back) ;)

Finding different shades of legit turquoise in a bead store. Looked everywhere in Indiana for these! (I also am not color blind, I know that there is a yellow bottle in there.)

Tutorial for the NY shirt coming soon. :)

OH! I forgot to mention... I was on TV!!! Here is my NETWORK TELEVISION DEBUT!

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Definition of class and attractiveness:
my network televisiondebut

(See the fingers with Cheez Whiz and the Reddi Whip? Oh yeah, that is totally me. :D ) Shameless? I think not. Bill Geist is my FAVORITE reporter of ALL time. And I love a lot of reporters.
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