Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shoe Bows

Shoe Bows
Here is one of my most recent projects, my friend Kelsey figured out how to make these cute little fabric bows earlier in the semester and I've been making them like crazy ever since. Honestly, can you ever have too many bows on things? I found a similar tutorial on CutOutandKeep, but I will make one soon because the bows that Kelsey taught me to make are even more simple.

Here's a better shot of the bow.

And the shoes before the bows.
Shoes before bows
I didn't like them very much before I put the extra adornments on them, they just weren't the most flattering for me. But after sticking the bows on, (with safety pins, by the way) I've rekindled my love for the shoes. And this is my problem-- I can't get rid of hardly anything because I think, "Someday, I will want these again." But. I am working on some pretty hefty new years' resolutions because I don't want to end up on Hoarders... or like my Grandma Shirley, who was the greatest grandma in the history of grandmas, (not kidding!) but also suffered from the Packrat Syndrome. I'm fighting genetics here, people.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good holiday, I surely did.
Mom's (typical) beautiful tables.

Beer and Martinis

Cozy Christmas mornings are the best.

Cameo and owl charm from Mom.



Presents-- Vintage suitcases that Mom reupholstered the insides (!!!), a hula monkey, a hand felted wool duck (the cutest thing you'll ever hold next to a real baby duck), and the SIMS 3. I got the original Sims when I was 12. Now I'm 22. :) First thing I did? Built a Sim version of my sorority.

Sim Kappa Kappa Gamma:

Real Kappa:

So the rest of my Christmas break will be spent blogging, taking photos,


being forced to wake up and go to swim meets,

Swim Meet

and watching The Wire. :) And crafting, of course.


Cassidy said...

SIMS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that game so much.

Koco & Viking said...

We have always loved your blog and are awarding you with an award that you inspired us to create the MY BLOG IS... (kick a*s) AWARD!!! Check it out on our blog to accept it :) Thanks for being so darned awesome.

your friends,
koco & viking


Bridget said...

shoe bows?! so cool.

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