Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kombi Camera from 1892

Dinosaur from Kombi Camera
This photo was taken with a Kombi Camera from 1892. Seriously, 1892. Isn't that nuts!? My Uncle Bill gave me the camera. :)

Kombi Camera, from 1892
This is the Kombi. It is actually one of the first roll film cameras. More on it here.

120 + Kombi + Dinosaur
So there isn't really any usable film around from 1892 I used some 120 film that my professor gave me and cut it up to fit in the Kombi.

Film template for Kombi
Template for the film. I had to cut the film totally blind in COMPLETE darkness and then slide the film in the camera. It was difficult, but doable. I love camera hacks!

Kombi Camera, from 1892
The different parts of the Kombi.

Kombi Camera, from 1892
I put tape over the lens before I took a photo because I didn't want any light to leak in when the shutter is being cocked.

Dinosaur from Kombi Camera
And the result! I am in a photography class this semester so I was able to use the dark room to develop my pictures. I recommend taking film photography. The dark room is great. :)

On another camera note-- today was parent's day at my school and we went to a little town called Rockville.

Rockville, Indiana

We went to this antique store and my dad bought me THIS CAMERA!!
Brownie Hawkeye
It made my day. My dad usually disapproves of my collections but I guess he thinks this hobby is OK. Thanks for the camera, Dad. You're the best. :)

Brownie Hawkeye + Dinosaur
Janet, my dinosaur, loves the Brownie. She's got good taste.

Brownie Hawkeye

Brownie Hawkeye

Great day. :) Can't wait to work with the Kombi more.


magdamagda said...

wow that sounds like a thrilling experience working with a camera from 1892! you are so lucky:D

Trend Steps said...

great blog.
wow, you really have a passion for cameras and photography :)

carlyjcais said...

Amazing! What a cool camera- and even cooler photo! Can't wait to see more for it...:-)

Thnx for your sweet comment on my blog...I've been feeling like I've been in a fashion rut for awhile or so, so hopefully this next 30 days will snap me out of it! Here's hopin'...

Kat said...

you motivate me to be so very ecstatic for taking photography next year! it's with fairly newer film b&w cameras but i just love cameras so much i can hardly wait to hone whatever few skills i have. my favorite camera of probably all time would be the holga.. i love vignetting. yours?

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