Monday, June 7, 2010

Vinyl Record Purse

Make it: Record Purse

Whenever I go to thrift shops, I always browse through all of the old records they have for sale. The designs, the colors, the album art-- they're so fun to study the designs in pop culture a few decades ago.

Make it: Record Purse

Make it: Record Purse

There are many ways to use old records, but one of my favorites has always been a purse. Whenever I see a vinyl record purse in a boutique or online, they're always SO expensive. So I decided to make one of my own.

Make it: Record Purse
To make a record purse, you need:
-3 Vinyl Records
-An old purse strap
-A split ring to attach the strap to on the record purse
-An old black t-shirt and some fabric for the lining
-A drill
-A piece of wood to put underneath the record when you're drilling
-Embroidery thread/ribbon

Make it: Record Purse
First I cut off the bottoms of the 2 records that make the outside of the purse. I put the oven on Broil and then put the record on a cookie sheet. As soon as the record flattened a tiny bit in the oven and was obviously softer, I took scissors and cut across the record until it got hard again. I repeated this until the record was cut straight across. Then for the bottom of the purse, I cut across the record so that the label still shows, also so that it was at the widest point of the record. Do not try cutting or sawing the record without the oven, they break. I figured this out the hard way. :)

After the records were cut, I used a drill to make holes all around the border of the records. I put a piece of wood under the record and it went quickly. It was also pretty fun.

Then I stitched the bottom of the small piece to the larger record pieces with ribbon. I made my ribbon by hand by burning fabric because I like the rougher edges, but any black ribbon should work. After that I put ribbon all around the tops of the records.

Then I stitched t-shirt material to the sides of the purse (through the holds I already drilled) so that it will open and close properly. I used thin cording for this, and I just made sure it was stitched into place really well on the sides and bottom.

Before you add the lining, be sure to drill holes for the snap that goes on the top. (both sides of the bag)

Here I stitched a little leather strip to one side and then stitched a snap on the top of the leather strip and the receiving end of the snap into the bag on the other side where I drilled the holes.

Then I drilled 2 more holes on opposing sides of the bag to add hooks for the purse straps. I also colored the gold hook things black to match. :)

For the lining, this tutorial is helpful for sewing a little lining. I also used the same thin cording that I used to stitch the t-shirt material to the sides of the record and I think it turned out really well.

Another shot of the inside.

Make it: Record Purse

Make it: Record Purse

Make it: Record Purse
West Side Story Bottom.

Make it: Record Purse
Inside. Remember those laundry bags I got in NYC? Oh yeah, they make a great lining.

Make it: Record Purse
It fits lots of stuff. Chapstick from this fiber arts festival I went to. Duck change purse. Sunnies. Polaroid Camera ( I was taking photos by the road so I could get a Polaroid of 2 birds on a wire... Regina Spektor song, anyone? ... I did not succeed in that.)

Make it: Record Purse

Birds nest. :)

Make it: Record Purse


Make it: Record Purse]


  1. OMG! that purse is totally awesome! I want one!

    You are so creative! I love it! It's so inspiring!

    Butterflies and Daisys Vintage

  2. THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    you cease to amaze me.

  3. Wow, I just saved a whole bunch of Beatles albums from an op shop and can't wait to make this bag, Green apple on the front (Abbey Road!) and I'm thinking red spotted material for the inside. Awesome! thank you so much for the inspiration.

    Cheers, Jill

  4. I am going record hunting as soon as finals are over! Thanks for much for sharing, definitely making one xx

  5. Just thought you might want to know...if you heat up a record just a little bit (in hot water or a super low oven for a few seconds) you can bend could use two records and glue them together. However, I really like the way you tied them together, so it's really just a suggestion for a different kind. This is adorable :)

  6. The entire look is amazing! And I love your hair and the birds :D

  7. I just love your blog and all the great ideas you have. Thanks for sharing them :) Definitely going to try this.


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