Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stars and Stripes


I give up. I am obsessed with flowers. Any piece of clothing with textured flower on it just pulls me in. This is a shirt I made from a 5$ tee from Target and a black flower I made and stitched to it. :)


(The Hudson and New Jersey, I did not edit these colors. So beautiful.)

Another thing I have an obsession for: the roof of my building. The lighting is fantastic-- especially when it is flat and overcast like it was on this day.


(Harlem is right beyond these two buildings.)


So while I was making this shirt, I kept thinking I was making a shirt similar to the one Carrie wore in season 6 of S&TC when she goes to Paris. Turns out the shirt looks totally different when I looked it up, but it was still my inspiration.

Here is the tutorial.

paris stiped carrie hair pic

I totally dig stripes right now-- nautical stripes, red, navy, but especially black and white stripes. stripes + flowers = !!!

Present from Mo Rocca :)
"Hey Stacie! Stay in school. -Mo Rocca"

Highlight of my week: I got to go on a shoot with Mo Rocca to film old people compare the Snuggie vs. the Slanket. (I'll post the piece when it airs this Sunday if they put it on the web). Afterwards, I helped Mo carry up all this stuff (snuggies for dogs, bendaroos, topsy turvy planters, etc.) to his office and he gave me some presents. This awesome SNUGGIE he gave to me!! (He kept the cheetah print one for himself.) hahaha. I asked him to autograph it, and he did. ;)


Sonia said...

This looks seriously cool!! How I wish I owned a sewing machine too!!

gina said...

Love all the different textures to the black in this outfit. Looks very pretty with the blue. The diy flower top is lovely!!

cutandsew said...

Wow! No wonder you were inspired by SJP's shirt that thing is gorgeous, your rendition came out lovely :)

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