Monday, February 15, 2010

Fashion Week + Andy Warhol Skirt


What a week. This week I've been all over the place! I went on a interview shoot with Anthony Mason to Suzanne Vega's house... remember this song, Tom's Diner? Yeah, I ate IN Tom's Restaurant WITH Suzanne Vega. NUTS. (Also known as the Seinfeld diner. It is 10 blocks away from where I live. Upper West Side is the

The above skirt is what I have been working on for a bit and I wore it to Althea Harper's first runway show. (She was the runner-up in season 6 of Project Runway) More on the fashion show below.


The skirt reminds me a lot of these flower prints by Andy Warhol-- without the color of course, but still organically shaped and random like real flowers.


I will have a tutorial up as soon as I write it-- I will say that the technique that I used involves FIRE and I am beyond stoked to see what else I can do to fabric by burning it... mwhahaha.




...feather fascinator that I made from a 1$ feather trimming I got at a wholesale store...

Althea Harper's show:
"Althea would like to dedicate her show to her mentor Lee McQueen. A moment of silence please."

So, so sad. Where is Lady Gaga going to get more cool shoes?

Space man leggings... would this look good on non-twig women? If yes, then I dig them.









This model rushed past us 5 minutes after the show as we were walking to the train...



Anyone remember Epperson from Project Runway? Yep. He was there.

(Sara, the other Sunday Morning intern and I. :D

Overall, I really enjoyed the show-- not necessarily because of the clothes. It was so interesting to be there. You always read about all of the anorexia in the fashion industry and you can see it in all the photos but it is so much more powerful to see it in real life. I shouldn't be surprised, but it really was disturbing how thin they were. The photos in magazines never do their starved looks justice because you can't see how the fabric moves, wrinkles, and falls on the girls when they walk. Leggings should not be baggy.

If I were a fashion designer and I had all of those form-fitting, sleek, modern clothes to show off, I would have chosen girls that don't look like two-by-fours... don't you have a butt to look good in leggings? Hmm...

Other greatest part of my week:


I met Stiller & Meara when they came to CBS to do a commentary for Sunday Morning! :D They came to talk about love and marriage for Valentine's day and to give the lovely USA some advice on how to stay married for more than 50 years... He wrote notes on his hand with a pen. Hahahahahha! Check out their piece that aired here.

Also-- Here is the story I helped out on for the majority of the week. :D

NYC blizzard-- I didn't edit the colors in this at all! Crazy.


  1. Althea was my favorite! Very cool that you got to go to the show!

    Also very awesome that you're in NYC for the semester. What a great internship! Thanks for still updating despite your busy semester!

  2. Lovely skirt! (Burning fabric is just so cool..though I'm always scared I'm going to burn down the house! LOL)
    And that feather fascinator is awesome. Aren't the NY wholesale trim shops great??? Totally bears Portland by a mile (and about $15 heheh).
    Are you having fun there?
    Great photos of the fashion show BTW!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog!

  3. Wow! Looks like a lot of fun!
    The fashionshow looks great
    x, fashionnerdic


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