Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thought I'd seen some ups and down, 'Til I come into New York town.

People goin' down to the ground,
Buildings goin' up to the sky.

-- Bob Dylan

(This post is actually about this scarf, but I am going to start infusing my posts with with my NY adventures... so more about the scarf and a tutorial down below. :P )

So last weekend I went to the Brooklyn Flea Market and it was 10 times better than the 26th street flea. I love NY-- it can be stinky, dirty, and crowded but there is so much to walk around and see... and the flea markets are perfect for me because I love to look and touch things... and find inspiration to make things.

My purchase this weekend:

It is a bulldog ring! I LOVE animal jewelry as much as I love flowers on clothes, but the best thing about this puppy ring is:

Its TONGUE MOVES IN AND OUT!!! It really wiggles! And, the ring only cost 3$. I wish I had more fingers to wear more rings-- the ring on the left (above) is my grandma's class ring from 1954 and the ring on the right was my dad's boy scout ring that I swiped (also symbol of my sorority).



Back to Brooklyn Flea-- here is a picture of the middle level of the flea market. There were 3 levels and the basement had delicious food and lots of vintage clothes. Not like cheap food either, the food was funky like these Asian tacos, Garlic pickle relish, and a Greek booth with balaclava. Brooklyn, you get a thumbs up from me.


Human body jewelry-- these really struck me because they do not look Halloween-esque at all. Yes, the ribs and heart necklaces are large (but I like that) and perhaps a bit emo, but that spine and pelvis pendant... DANG. It is so delicate and beautiful. Mmm.


In awe.


Awesome art. One day I will cover a wall in my house with cloud pictures and cloud paintings.



I also would love a giant classroom map for decoration... how cool would that be to have a map of your country in your living room and decorate to match it?




Old ice skates turned boots. Very altered-couture chic, but ice skates always make my ankles hurt...


I remember the fox stole that The Sartorialist posted a while back... I saw these little minks and immediately thought of that post.


More furry things.




But back to my scarf. I actually made the scarf for my mom because I think she's pretty cool-- I haven't mailed it to her yet but I am pretty sure she will not find it here on my blog. I got a text last week from her saying:

Mom: "cool blog!"
Me: "you havent seen it yet?"
Mom: "nope found it on facebook"

Ha. Forget all the times she walked in on me making stuff, taking pictures, asking my brother and sister to take pictures... And I've been working on it since last summer. :P So I doubt she'll be looking at it again anytime soon.





The scarf is made from felting wool to pieces of green wool fabric. Here is the tutorial! :)


More on the view from my roof and another project very soon. :)


Lisa said...


Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog! Aren't blogs funny when you aren't one of those "I've lost track of how many followers I have blogs" when you sometimes feel like no one reads it? And then I get awesome comments from strangers like you and it makes my day!
btw. Love the scarf! I've been reading up on felting and would like to try my hand at it. Can't wait for your tutorial!

Thanks again! (sorry for the long comment!)


The Owl's Closet said...

stacie, that is such a cute scarf! i love it! i'm sure ur mom will love it, too:) the flea market looks amazing! wish we had something like that around here hehe omgosh, i just love ur puppy ring!! thanks for dropping by my blog:) loving urs!

Peculiar Tings said...

0_0 hahaha that ring is so cool...especially because of the tongue ! X)And really nice price too!

Diya said...

love that scarf!!!!! it's so fun.

ps. would be awesome if you checked out my new blog:

Alyssa said...

This is amazing and makes me want to live in NY so bad. Do you happen to know the hours for the Brooklyn Flea Market?

Stacie Grissom said...

@Alyssa: Here's their website! :)

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