Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"The warping night air having brought the boom of an owl's voice into her darkened room. . . "

from "A Barred Owl" -- Richard Wilbur


I am so excited about this bag! The original bag that I used as inspiration was the Kate Spade owl bag-- but it is $425... and I love the bag, I am not willing to shell out that much $$$! Plus, the Kate Spade bag is nowhere to be found anywhere so I thought it might be fun to make a tutorial for a version of it. :)

The original:


I think this bag is so hilarious and fun-- here's the little owlie guy again.


I saw this bag a while back, but for some reason it never occurred to me to try and make it. So I went to my basement to find materials and it just so happened that my mom had old snippets of leather and snakeskin from her seamstress/sewing business days... I ONLY used the tiniest scraps that I found that I thought could be made into NOTHING else. I found the perfect colors to make a different version of the bag.

I also used an old, old bag that I loved in middle/high school. I am glad I get to save some of the scraps that would have been thrown away and also give a favorite old bag a new life. :)


Meet Bridget. I love, love, love this crazy dog. We rescued her a few years ago and because we were her third owners she was obnoxious. My mom would make my little brother go outside and throw toys to Bridget until she was completely pooped out but Bridgey could never get enough attention! My mom got so fed up with Bridget eating mail, packages, the backdoor steps, and terrorizing our cats that she took Bridget to the vet and the vet told her about doggy Ritalin... so now, America, we are a society that drugs our dogs too. I'm happy to say that Bridget has been drug free for a few years now and she is still the most wiggly dog around Central Indiana. ;)

But Bridget really liked the owl bag.

"Please, please, please? That owl looks tasty!"

See the snow on my shirt? Bridget kept doing this:


Natalie: (my sister taking the pictures) Stop Bridget!
Bridget: D'ohuuuhhh???


Blanket stitch around the suede, old antique golden buttons for the eyes.



Owl belly.


My New Years' nails-- festive! I love the turquoise with the yellow of the owl's eyes as well as the brown. I just love all turquoise. ;)

SO-- if you are like me and have been looking around on the Internet for this bag, you should try to make it! It looks detailed and complicated, but it is just a lot of small, simple, geometric shapes put together.

Link to tutorial. :) I also just realized that Kate Spade was in my sorority... and the owl is our symbol... How SWEET.


cutandsew said...

O wow, this turned out very well! I love the size you chose to make it also, it makes it more fun and less overpowering/gaudy. I may just have to make one of these for myself.

I love you blog, I recently just added it to my blogroll, you should come over and check it out! http://cutandsew.wordpress.com

Lia said...

I totally heart your bag! :) it is very very very cuuuute :)....Can you sew leather with sewing machine?? Coz I bought some leather but too afraid to sew it....

Jodi said...

I really love this bag! You did a great job - I prefer it to the original.

P.S. Bridget is super cute! I can't believe you can get doggy Ritalin! One of my friends had a cat they had to give insulin shots to everyday cos it was diabetic and that shocked me enough.

Stacie said...

Thank you so much guys!! :))

Lia-- For sewing leather I used my mom's sewing machine which is a trooper of a machine-- she used it when she had her own business. It isn't an industrial machine or anything though. I think you can totally sew leather on your machine if you get one of the heavy weight sewing needles and if you are careful. I think the leather could not be super thick, but I think you could get it to work! :)

Lia said...

thanks stacie! Will buy some foot and needles to try :)....how's indy nowadays?? I used to go to Purdue, and indy was only a 45 minutes drive...o, how I don't miss the harsh winter :) hope you're staying warm!

carlyjcais said...

Hi Stacie! So glad to see you joined Cut Out and Keep - keep the great projects coming & have a Happy New Year!:-)
I love your little owl purse - it's adorable!



gina said...

I love your take on the Kate Spade colors and owl purse. You look great, and the outfit looks very comfy too! Beautiful dog.

kate maggie said...

i love this!
cute doggy!:)

Mina said...

phenomenal job!! Love it!

Dean said...
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