Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holiday Dress


So I forgot all my formal dresses at home when my friend asked me to go to his fraternity's formal-- so I needed to come up with something to wear. I went to Goodwill one Sunday morning and this red dress was squeezed between a bunch of frumpy smocks. For the black flowers I bought this extra-large size 20 velveteen dress and cut it up and glued the flowers to the dress.

Red dress: $4.50, Humongo black velveteen dress: $2, Fabric glue: $3


I also used one of the flowers and made a fascinator for my hair. I was going to bring a velveteen flowerette for my friend, Bomo, to wear as a boutonniere but I thought he would have thought that was strange... turns out he totally would have dug it.


My shadow has a crazy 'fro.







By the end of the night, I was a sweaty mess-- this dress has seen a lot of dancing already.

Funny thing, as I was making this dress, one of my favorite DIY bloggers blogged about some of my flower dresses from this summer and said, "Make it in darker, more festive colors and you´ve got a killer look for upcoming Xmass and New Years parties!" It was very strange that she posted this as I was working on my dress! Ha.

Check out my tutorial here.



  1. hello, am a random 17-yr-old girl from Singapore. i think you are really awesome, i like your creations especially the rose dress! Hope that you'll share more of your cool ideas! goodluck and have a nice day! ^-^/

  2. The dress is absolutely fantastic! You are so creative! Perfect way to spruce up a thrifted dress.. and it's flawless!

  3. wow amazing DIY work! so festive, flirty, and fun! just found your blog & I love it, would you like to trade links?

  4. I just found your blog and am glad I did...Didn't think someone could make it this trendy and saucy! The dress looks fab, and I bet even though it got sweaty in the end, you had lots of fun in it!!


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