Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bunting Banner Curtains

Sometimes it's difficult to decorate a dorm/temporary living place. And windows look rather naked without curtains. Solution? Bunting banner curtains.


The rest of the ceiling from my room:


I tend to overdecorate-- my corner is the one covered in posters, photography and art cut from Goodwill books. In my defense, I sit at my desk and homework it up so I need inspiration and distractions.

Another cheap, decorative love of mine:





paper lanterns and Christmas lights. Best way to home-ify a collegiate room. :)


(poinsettia lights. Lovely in July and December.)

Making bunting banner is SO simple. Here is one tutorial but I feel like it can be even simpler than this.

1. Cut triangles of fabric.
2. Flip the patterned sides together, sew along the edges.
3. Turn the fabric rightside out-- iron flat.
4. Take ribbon, any strip of fabric, iron it in half and then sew the triangles in between. VOILA!

More sweet bunting banners from Etsy.

Scalloped bunting.

Party bunting.

I really love how the little flags look. :) I also love the view from the window even more with curtains.


View from roof of my house. Rockin', eh?


carlyjcais said...

Hi Stacie! Okay, you posted on my blog before I even had a chance to let you know that I love your style and so I nominated you for a blogger award. *blushes* Sorry to take so long!
You can get the button and read the "rules" of participation here:

Thank you for being an inspiration!

Suki said...

I love the idea of bunting too... I think I'd rather make my own so it can be just how I want it, so thanks for the nice & easy instructions. Your room is pretty!

effie said...

This is what I always do if there are parties at home. It is really nice and cool.
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